Ford Skyliner

Retractable Top! 1959 Ford Skyliner

Earlier in the week, we covered this 1961 Ford Sunliner and I made mention of the ’57-’59 retractable top Skyliner. Well, today, looking very fiftyish in its salmon and white two-tone finish is just such an example, a final… more»

67K Mile Project: 1958 Ford Skyliner Fairlane 500 Interceptor

Back in 1974, this 1958 Ford Skyliner was put into storage and is just now coming out to see the light of day. The Ford Skyliner is for sale here on eBay with a Buy It Now price of… more»

Rare Retractable Roof: 1959 Ford Skyliner

Talk about being ahead of the curve, Ford with its Hide-Away-Hardtop was pretty much standing alone with the 1957 introduction of its retractable steel top “Skyliner” convertible. Produced for three years, here’s a 1959 example, the final year of… more»