George Barris

Turbine-Powered Legend: Barris Kustom Turbo-Sonic

Every so often, we at Barn Finds get word of a one-of-a-kind vintage automobile up for sale. Oftentimes, they’re a niche-market vehicle known only to a handful of dedicated enthusiasts, but this one was (and still is in some… more»

Famed George Barris/Von Dutch Two Wheeler!

George Barris is a name that we all recognize for his custom cars that were featured in tv shows and on album covers, but what about the not so common to see custom bicycle he built for Eddie Munster?… more»

Barris Berry Buggy is Back: 1972 Mini T4

Enthusiasts have been talking about the increasing value and collectability of weird, whacky, and wonderful 1970’s Dune Buggy models over the past year, and the barn find found here on Craigslist thanks to reader Michael, is a great example of a… more»

Rolling History: Barris ‘Lil Stinker’ 1922 Ford

Most everyone knows that George Barris created many of our most memorable TV and movie scene-stealing cars: Batman, The Munsters, Mannix, Knight Rider, and so many more. But it’s his over the top, wild and outrageous creations – like… more»