Short Shed Find: 1959 Goggomobile T400

This car combines the best of all worlds – it’s an unusual, small vehicle and it was found in a barn! Or, a shed. This 1959 Goggomobile T400 is listed on eBay and it is a project car, as… more»

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Well Stored: 1967 Glas 1700 GT

The Hans Glas company was founded in 1905 making sewing machines, then motor scooters, small cars like the Goggomobile and finally the GT cars. These GT cars were very advanced for their time. They were the first… more»

Rare Coupe: 1967 Glas GT

Being a 1967, this Glas GT was built just prior to the company’s acquisition by BMW. By late 1967, this basic shell was being sold with the BMW 1573cc engine, but it looks like this one… more»

Parked Since ’75: 1966 Glas GT 1700

This 1966 Glas GT 1700 was supposedly parked in 1975. It is still wearing California black plates and only has 47k miles on the odometer. It is also listed here on eBay with no reserve. Sounds… more»

Glas Garage Find: 1965 Glas 1300 GT

When we first saw this barn find we didn’t know what it was. We thought that perhaps it was an Italian or British sports car. We had heard of the Glas brand, but we didn’t realize… more»