Nash Healey Grille Equipped 1954 Glasspar G2

If I could take on this project, I’d be incredibly tempted to buy this rare oddity! The Glasspar G2 might just be one of the most unique-looking designs ever, but this one is especially unique, as it is one… more»

The Real Deal? 1952 Glasspar G2 Roadster

Opinions tend to vary on the claim that the Glasspar G2 was the first all fiberglass-bodied production sports car built in America. Those that dispute the claim point to the low production numbers as not justifying the claim, while… more»

Studebaker Powered: 1953 Astro Fire

This one is a bit of a noggin-scratcher, I have never heard of a 1953 Astro Fire fiberglass car and neither has the internet, apparently. The seller has this cool kit posted on eBay and there’s a current bid… more»

1953 Glasspar G2: V8 Special

From this strangely angled photo, it is hard to tell what exactly you are looking at. It is clearly a roadster with an American built V8 providing power, but that’s all you can really tell. The seller states that… more»

Fiberglass Special: 1954 Glasspar G2

Those who know of Glasspar think of fiberglass boats, but a few people know of the Glasspar G2 fiberglass bodied cars. Glasspar was the first American company to manufacture fiberglass reinforced plastic bodies and many manufactures borrowed heavily from… more»