Supercharged Museum Piece: 1937 Graham Cavalier

This 1937 Graham Cavalier is a excellent example of the sort of engineering innovations pioneered by the smaller manufacturers in the interwar years. This beautiful machine is located in Hollister, California, and is owned by the Nostalgic Auto Museum–… more»

Rare Bird: 1939 Hupmobile Skylark Prototype

While there are cars that are inextricably tied to the last days of a company, there is only one model that I know of that played a role in the end of three. This 1939 Hupmobile Skylark is located… more»

Supercharged Project: 1941 Graham Paige Hollywood

Thanks to World War II, many American automakers soldiered into the early 1940s with models designed in the 1930s. This 1941 Graham-Paige Hollywood Supercharged in Chula Vista, California had at least one marketing advantage, being based on the evolution… more»

All Aboard! 1929 Graham-Paige “Sound Train”

What on earth is that thing?!? Here’s one that raises a lot of questions—is it a car? A train? Why? When? Huh?!? So how about a round of Barn Finds 20 13 Questions…all aboard! 1. What is it? It’s a… more»