Henry J

Not Used In 3 Years: 1953 Henry J DeLuxe

We have seen a few Henry Js here on Barn Finds over the years, but only two 1953 models. As is almost always the case with car companies, they had worked through some issues by the end of the… more»

Post-War Compact: 1952 Kaiser Henry J

In the late 1940s, Kaiser-Frazer’s chairman Henry J. Kaiser envisioned there was a market for a small car that could be affordable to anyone (sounds like the Ford Model T concept). So, the Henry J was born, but perhaps… more»

Post-War Compact: 1951 Kaiser Henry J

The small and economical Kaiser Henry J may have been the right car but at the wrong time. The assumption after World War II was that buyers would scoop up thrifty cars in large numbers. Instead, with years of… more»

Custom Sports Car: 1952 Kaiser Henry J

The Henry J was a short-lived attempt by Kaiser-Frazer to sell a small car in the early 1950s at a time when everyone wanted big cars. It was named after the chairman of the company and was built between… more»

No Reserve: 1951 Kaiser-Frazer Henry J

Built by Kaiser-Frazer between 1951 and 1954, the Henry J was a little car before it was cool for cars to be little. Like the Ford Model T of decades prior, it was designed to be an inexpensive automobile… more»

Too Many Setbacks? 1952 Kaiser Henry J

This may be the first Kaiser Henry J that I have stumbled across that hasn’t been hot-rodded, and this 1952 example barely escaped that fate. Always popular on the dragstrip in gasser form, it’s nice to find one as… more»

One-Off Roadster! 1958 Carston Sports Car

The Volvo P1800 was an exercise by the Swedish company to prove that the engines equipped in their family cars could power an exotic sports car. Today’s 1958 Carston was created in a similar vein, although not by the… more»

Henry J And Corvette DNA! 1952 DIY Custom

Post-War America saw a number of fiberglass sports cars compete with nimble imports from MG, Jaguar, and others. Soldiers returning from Europe had acquired a taste for the sporty and fuel-efficient roadsters. These tiny cars offered a driving experience… more»

Hidden For 57 Years: Customized 1952 Henry J

In our continuing mission to bring you the weird, wild, and wonderful of the barn-found-automobile world, we present you with this extremely-customized piece of work. It’s been in hiding for a long time, but it’s out in the sunlight… more»

What Is This Car’s History? 1951 Henry J Custom

The seller of this 1951 Henry J custom thinks that it may be a prototype of some sort, possibly made for a movie star and another idea is that it may have been made for Walt Disney. Maybe one… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1952 Kaiser Henry J

It seems like many of the Henry Js that are still around have been turned into hot rods, with small block Chevy V8s and all the accompanying speed parts. As cool as these hot rods are, it’s really nice… more»

Gasser or Original Spec? 1951 Henry J Deluxe

We have seen a few independent and/or orphan cars here recently with a few Frazers, and this 1951 Henry J Deluxe is also a Kaiser-Frazer offering. This interesting car can be found here on Craigslist in Gresham, Oregon, a… more»

Hasn’t Been Hot Rodded: 1951 Henry J

While it’s true you don’t see many of these Henry Js anymore, it isn’t the limited production that makes this car particularly rare. It’s the fact that it’s survived without being modified. For a number of years, these lightweight… more»

Factory Prototype? 1953 Henry J Convertible

Here’s a neat little mystery machine! If cars could talk, I wonder what story this Henry J would tell—and whether it would back up the claim that it was one of three factory convertible prototypes. That’s the story being… more»

Rotting And Restyling: 1952 Henry J Convertible

This sad old Henry J has seen much better days. This interesting and attractive convertible conversion isn’t all that common though and a quick search on Google shows how appealing a convertible Henry J really can be. The seller… more»