Good Buy Or Goodbye? 1981 HMV Freeway $3,500

It doesn’t hurt that this 1981 HMV Freeway three-wheeler is bright yellow, it’ll be easier for texting and otherwise not-paying-attention distracted drivers to see you rolling down the street. The seller has this one posted here on craigslist in… more»

1 of 700? 1982 HMV Freeway 16-HP

Certainly ranking as one of the most unusual vehicles of all time, at least among microcars, this 1982 HMV Freeway came along at a time when car companies and random inventors were trying to come up with something fuel-efficient… more»

Old-School Three-Wheelin’ : 1981 HMV FreeWay

The 1970s brought into existence many home-brewed gas-savers, not least of which are the HMV FreeWays like this one. It’s up for sale here on craigslist near Dallas, Texas, and if you would like to see more about it,… more»

Three-Wheeled Barn Find: 1981 HMV Freeway

I just got back from a six-day 4,800-mile road trip and anyone who has been on a freeway over the last few months will tell you that this 1981 HMV Freeway is probably the last vehicle you’d ever want… more»

Lime Green MPG Machine: 1981 HMV Freeway

Made for a short four years and with only around 700 of them having been produced, it’s rare to see a vehicle like this 1981 HMV Freeway anywhere but online. We have written about them in the past and… more»

Restomod Pod: 1981 HMV Free-Way

We have seen many restomods here at Barn Finds over the years, but I have never seen a 1981 HMV Free-Way restomod. This three-wheeled gem can be found here on eBay in St. Louis, MO and the current bid… more»

EV To Gas Conversion? 1980 HMV Free-Way

Every so often here at Barn Finds, we see vehicles that were originally gas-powered but were converted to battery power. This 1980 HMV Free-Way is the exact opposite, it was originally an EV and was converted to having a… more»

Stable Genius: 1981 HMV Free-Way

If a person were going to drive a three-wheeled vehicle, something like this 1981 HMV Free-Way is the way to go, at least as far as stability goes. This unusual and street legal vehicle can be found here on… more»

1 Of 700: 1982 HMV Free-Way 450E Deluxe

Here is another unusual car for you lovers of anything out of the ordinary, and I know that you’re out there. This 1982 HMV Free-Way can be found here on craigslist in Fountain Valley, California. The seller is asking… more»