Beaut Ute: 1955 FJ Holden Ute

I guess that every country produces cars that they would consider to be iconic, and one of the great icons of Australian motoring is the FJ Holden. How iconic is it? Well, there used to be a successful Australian… more»

Racing Special: 1977 Holden Torana A9X

About 125 miles west of Sydney in New South Wales is a town called Bathurst. It is a pretty place, and outside that town is a hill called Mount Panorama. The events that have taken place on that hill… more»

Freightliner’s Commodore Supercar Barn Reveal

A few weeks ago we ran this story on how the Barn Finds culture is being adopted by Hollywood to promote the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. Well, it appears that this trend is moving even further across the globe. Australia’s… more»

468 Miles! 2006 Pontiac GTO 6-Speed

NEW YORK CITY?! I can hear that old Pace Picante Sauce commercial now, your salsa is made in New York City?! – as a bunch of grizzled cowboys sit around talking about salsa, which is weird enough. I’m guessing… more»

Aussie Classic: 1984 Holden Commodore VH

The Commodore was introduced by Holden in 1978 as a car that fitted between its aging Kingswood and Torana models with the intention of replacing both models. This it did with success, and the Commodore spent the better part… more»

Australian Ground-Breaker: 1950 Holden FX

The Holden 48-215  was Australia’s first locally developed production car. A groundbreaking car in Australia developed and manufactured with support from the Australian Government, the 48-215 (affectionately referred to as the FX) changed the face of motoring in Australia…. more»

Wonder From Down Under: 1977 Holden Torana A9X

The recent closure of the vehicle manufacturing industry in Australia has seen the emergence from hiding of a raft of iconic performance cars Down Under. The Torana A9X is just such a car, and this one which recently sold… more»

Australian Sighting: Holden Monaro GTS

It’s always fun to see what our international Barn Finders come across, so when Reader Matthew B out of Australia sent over a sighting, I knew we had to feature it! One of his friends recently showed him a car that… more»

1 Of 100 Built: 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X

It wasn’t that long ago we profiled a barn-find Ford Falcon GT that had been languishing in an Australian garage. Well, get ready for some deja vu as this 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X is also a recent discovery after close… more»