Dream Bike: 1966 Honda CA77 305 Dream

As kids, we all had that one friend who always had nicer things than we did. They had nicer clothes, a nicer house, a nicer bicycle, and even more painful, a nicer motorcycle. This 1966 Honda CA77 305 Dream… more»

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All-Original 5K Mile 1972 Honda CB350

There are certain vehicles that are just the right size, not too small, not too big. Ones that aren’t too slow, and aren’t too fast. They aren’t too… well, you get the point. This 1972 Honda CB350 is one… more»

29K Mile Targa: 1993 Honda del Sol Si

The Honda Civic del Sol Si is one long name and if you break it down, at least the last part, it’s “of the sun yes” which makes no sense. I’m kidding, of course, the Si isn’t meant to… more»

Early Sandcast Model: 1969 Honda CB750

The Honda CB750 is perhaps the most significant Japanese motorcycle ever made, and certainly among the top ten of important motorcycles, period. Combining performance, reliability, and comfort like not previously seen, the CB750 is a cherished collectible among motorcycle… more»

Production Racer: 1977 Honda MT125R

The list of motorcycle racing greats who started their careers on small-capacity machines is pretty extensive, as those machines have allowed some of the legends to hone their racing skills to a high level. This 1977 Honda MT125R is… more»

Stock Survivor: 1991 Honda CR-X Si

When it comes to “hot hatches,” there’s no denying that Honda’s CR-X is one of the best, especially in it’s Si trim. Considering that “Si” stands for “Sport Injected,” it’s no surprise that very few clean examples of early… more»

Mid-Engine Miniature: 1991 Honda Beat

The Honda Beat is three-quarters of a ton of fun! The Honda Beat is eleven feet of fun! Ok, those aren’t the best marketing slogans with gigantic SUVs barreling down the roads and drivers paying more attention to their… more»

Small Bike Big Influence: 1965 Honda C100

There have been many important vehicles over the decades, but not many are so highly praised by so many different sources. This is one of the most important vehicles, not to mention the highest-production motor vehicle of all time…. more»

13,705 Original Miles: 1991 Honda Prelude Si 4WS

You may do a double-take looking at the odometer reading on this 1991 Honda Prelude Si equipped with the unusual four-wheel steering system, but it’s no joke: there’s less than 14,000 original miles on this “golden era” Honda. The… more»

Ran When Parked: 1971 Honda AN600

This 1971 Honda AN600 is a new find on the Barn Finds Classifieds system, and it looks like a worthwhile project for anyone that’s been hunting for a vintage kei car. I’ve had a fascination with these for a… more»

Fixer Upper: 1979 Honda Prelude

Honda has long since abandoned the Prelude nameplate, with its signature sports coupe a distant memory, replaced by Civics with respectable performance and multiple crossover vehicles. That’s why this first-generation Prelude is such a refreshing reminder as to the… more»

White Lightning: 1981 Honda NCZ-50 Motocompo

We’ve seen quite a few of these tiny folding mini-motorcycles over the last few years and with it finally being springtime – at least for those of us in the upper-Midwest and Northeast where we seem to have more… more»

Memory Machine: 1981 Honda C70 Passport

The Honda Super Cub was known as the Passport in North America due to some trademark issues with aircraft manufacturer Piper. These small bikes are a good way for anyone to jump into the vintage motorcycle hobby and are… more»

Unmodified Survivor: 1986 Honda CRX Si

The first-generation Honda CRX Si remains the one car I would like to add to my modest collection of iconic 80s vehicles. I actually do know of where one is that I could see picking up some day when… more»

Pocket Rocket: 1991 Honda CRX Si

We review a lot of performance themed/oriented cars on Barn Finds and one marque that doesn’t make the list too often is Honda. Other than the NSX from upscale Honda brand, Acura, Honda and the term “muscle” don’t really… more»

Modern Day Survivor: 1992 Honda Civic VX

If you were a child of the 80s, the fifth-generation Honda Civic was the attainable project car that could be built into something so much greater. The Fast and the Furious franchise pretty much immortalized these things on the… more»