Time to Bid! Lucky Collector Car Auctions Spring Classic

The 2021 Spring Classic event managed by Lucky Collector Car Auctions will feature a wide range of classics of every shape and size imaginable, happening both online and in-person June 12 and 13, 2021. This year’s collection is bursting… more»

Pristine 1983 Honda Civic Survivor!

It’s hard to peg what one should pay for a survivor-grade, unrestored import hatchback. There’s certainly a market for them, as cars like this 1983 Honda Civic are generally in short supply in condition like this. But at the… more»

Extinct Three Wheeler: 1986 Honda ATC 250R

When it comes to vintage ATVs, Honda’s lineup of rowdy three-wheelers have earned a somewhat legendary reputation. These ATVs were a way for Honda to make it through the winter season on something other than snowmobile sales, but there… more»

Shed Find: 1982 Honda CB900F Super Sport

Barn Finds come in all shapes and sizes, and some are better than others. The owner of this 1982 Honda CB900F Super Sport found it hidden away in a Wisconsin shed. He has gone through the process of returning… more»

Barbados Yellow Survivor: 1988 Honda Prelude Si

When it comes to emerging collector cars, it’s hard to go wrong with a 1980s Honda or Acura product. It’s a great time to buy one of these golden era Hondas, as they’re not yet priced to the moon… more»

Monkey Bike? 1983 Honda Motocompo

Back in the 1980s, Honda came up with the novel idea of making a small scooter that you could fold up and put in the trunk of your Honda car. It was seen as a way to promote their… more»

Future Collectible: 1980 Honda ATC 110

Among the legions of transportation types, I am deeply interested in messing with is the old-school Honda three-wheeler. The Big Red is on top of the list, followed by the ATC 110 like this one, which is described as… more»

2 for 1: 1969 Honda CT70 Trail Bikes

Honda’s CT70 was introduced in 1969 as a larger version of the popular Honda Z50 “Monkey Bike”. The initials CT were an abbreviation for “Cub Trail,” a small trail bike designed to be inexpensive to buy, simple to ride… more»

Stored 34 Years: 1975 Honda CB 550

A few weeks back, we covered this 1973 Triumph Bonneville. We had a pretty lively discussion around not only those that owned one but what was responsible for essentially knocking Triumph out of the marketplace. Most seemed to agree… more»

Museum Quality 1982 Honda CBX

Now that is a collection of Honda CBXs. The seller clearly has a thing for one of the most significant motorcycles of the 1980s, and you can’t blame him for that – the CBX was a game-changer when introduced,… more»

Compact Fun: 1991 Honda Beat

The Honda Beat is considered a kei car in Japan, which would be the equivalent of a microcar in the U.S. They were the smallest, highway-legal passenger cars built in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Beat, produced… more»

Farm Find: 1970 Honda N600

Honda has long been known for its small cars, with the predominant model being the Civic. While the average consumer would be lucky to know that much, most anyone who doesn’t follow automotive culture would be unaware of Honda’s… more»

Folding Scooter: 1981 Hondo Motocompo

The Motocompo was introduced as a “trunk bike” to fit inside two Japanese subcompact cars, the Honda Today and Honda City. Neither of those autos or the bike were ever sold in the U.S., but one of these little… more»

Barbados Yellow Survivor: 1988 Honda CRX Si

When you look at the original Honda CRX, there’s a few things you want to aim for when buying one: an Si, which adds enough horsepower to make a difference on a light-weight car like this, and an awesome… more»

Todd’s Rods! What’s in the Garage?

Before reading on, take your best guess to identify each of the vehicles visible here! For my 1000th Barnfinds post (and after multiple requests) I’m sharing a glimpse of the current fleet here on Fitch Mountain aka Todd’s Island… more»

Air-Cooled Patina: 1970 Honda N600

A 1970 Honda N600 is indeed an individual’s choice if you yearn to drive a classic economy car that isn’t your typical inline-four job. The N600 was a pioneering venture for Honda as it began to take over the… more»