Cheap Three-Wheeler: 1982 Honda ATC110

The three-wheeled ATC is such a small vehicle and yet they’re so scary for so many people. It’s not like there isn’t a good reason for their reputation, which is at least partially due to rider inexperience, overconfidence, and… more»

Unrestored Trail Bike: 1970 Honda CT70H K0

It’ll be interesting to read the comments to see if folks prefer original but not perfect motorcycles or ones that have been nut-and-bolt restored to be like new or better than new. This one is mostly original, not perfect,… more»

Needs Unpacking: 2012 Honda CBR 250R

Some of the more popular YouTube clips are called “unboxing” videos. The format is that someone receives a new product, and the viewers join them on the journey of discovery as they unpack the item and usually operate it… more»

2,882 Miles: 1972 Honda CT70 K1

Not necessarily a bigger version of Honda’s Z50 but rather from the same family, this 1972 Honda CT70 K1 was a much more user-friendly bike for older riders and would have been street-legal in a lot of municipalities whereas… more»

Barn Find 4WS? 1990 Honda Prelude Si

Some sellers have the thought that starting out with a higher opening bid price could trigger an interested buyer to make an offer. In some cars, I would venture that this is a risky move; however, in the case… more»

Highly Original! 1982 Honda CB900F Super Sport

Honda’s flagship road bike from 1979 to 1983, the CB900F only came to America in ’81 and ’82. This 1982 Honda CB900F in Centerville, Massachusetts barely deviates from stock, and the 18,000 mile specimen can be yours with the… more»

Rare Rally Kit: 1968 Honda CM91 Rally

I think we’ve only seen one other example of a Honda 90 with a Rally Kit here on Barn Finds and they’re fairly hard to find. I know that they aren’t a big, bad Harley, but for those of… more»

No Reserve Survivor: 1982 Honda CX500TC Turbo

Have you ever wanted a vehicle to a fairly significant degree but never been able to justify the price tag it lists for? That’s been my perception of the turbocharged Honda CX500TC, a bike that just screams 80s style… more»

Selling for Insane Prices: 1970 Honda CT70

In the late sixties, kids were tough.  How tough (ask in Rodney Dangerfield’s voice)?  Parents bought their kids motorcycles for Christmas!  That’s how tough!  Now those little motorcycles are selling for the price of a good used Harley!  If… more»

Transmission Swap? 1971 Honda CT70 HK0

Honda Trail 70s are coming out of the woodwork lately, they seem to be the “it” bike of choice for restorers and sellers, even more so than the Honda ZA50 monkey bikes. The 70 is more adult-friendly for riding… more»

Original Paint: 1971 Honda Z600

UPDATE 02/09/2023: We’ve recently seen a few cases where a classic car owner has fallen foul of a non-paying buyer, which appears to be the case with this 1971 Honda Z600. Its previous listing indicates it sold for $7,900,… more»

Update: Rare And Cheap? 1981 Honda C70 Passport

UPDATE – This 1981 Honda C70 Passport is posted for sale again with a lowered asking price here on craigslist in Palmdale, California. The seller is now asking $695, $280 less than what it was listed for back in… more»

Garage Find Super Sport: 1976 Honda CB400F

In the 1970s, just as cars were becoming clogged with government regulations and some (most?) automakers were having quality-control issues, motorcycles were getting better and better – especially those from the land of the rising sun. The seller has… more»

Candy Gold: 1971 Honda CT70 K0

We had a couple of dachshunds when I was growing up and the CT70’s nickname is Dax for its unusual frame with sort of a snout that resembles a dachshund. Ok, that’s kind of a stretch, but at least… more»

BF Auction: 1980 Honda C70 Deluxe

Few vehicles in motoring history can attribute at least part of their existence to a bowl of noodles. However, that is true for Honda’s iconic Super Cub and its derivatives. Although the company’s primary focus was producing an affordable… more»

$13,000 1986 Honda Z50RD Christmas Special!

If a regular Honda Z50 monkey bike isn’t valuable enough for you, and you need a gift that would make kids of all ages happy, you could do worse than bidding on this 1986 Honda Z50RD Christmas Special. The… more»