Literal Fat Cat: 1986 Honda TR200

One thing that a skinny guy without enough money will never be called is a Fat Cat, either for monetary or weight reasons. The same can’t be said about this 1986 Honda TR200 which is known as a Fat… more»

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Snow Bike: 1982 Honda XL250S

The world seems to have gone mad lately with all of the Chrysler Sno Runners coming out of the woodwork. It’s like there are more for sale now than they ever made. This one is a little different, it’s… more»

4,000 Mile 1994 Honda Prelude Si

This 1994 Honda Prelude Si is an absolute time capsule. For its age and condition, this car has all the right boxes checked for a fun, reliable, and inexpensive future classic. The most surprising statistic about this car is… more»

Quirky Project: 1965 Honda S600 Roadster

It would be fair to say that when the Honda S600 first broke cover in markets outside Japan, people thought that it was a quirky little sports car, but even the most optimistic of motoring journalists were unwilling to… more»

Sweet Barn-Find Honda! 1976 CB550 Four

Low-mileage motorcycles are more common than automobiles of similar vintage. For most owners, the motorcycle is never a primary means of transportation, especially in colder climates. This 1976 Honda CB550 Four in Lowell, Massachusetts probably didn’t see much snow,… more»

Child At Play: 1982 Honda Motocompo

I love the Child At Play sign in the background, which describes this 1982 Honda Motocompo perfectly. Or, at least it does for me when I’m riding mine. These things were intended as serious commuter vehicles but they can… more»

Christmas Special: 1986 Honda Z50RD

Christmas Special isn’t just the title of this one because it’s a small bike and it’s sitting by a Christmas tree and it’s almost that time of year again. Christmas Special is what the 1986 Honda Z50RD was known… more»

Trunk Bike: 1983 Honda Motocompo

As you know, we at BarnFinds appreciate the weird aspects of the vehicle world. This tiny two-stroke Japanese motorcycle fits that category, and it’s for sale here on eBay out of Centreville, Virginia. Join us as we take a… more»

2-For-1 Offer: 1975 Honda CB125S

The moment that I saw this pair of Honda motorcycles I was immediately transported back to the days of my youth. The law said that I could not obtain a license for a car until I was 17-years-old, but… more»

Clean Commuter: 1988 Honda Prelude Si

This 1988 Honda Prelude is the desirable Si-spec trim, listed with under 100,000 miles and showing excellent cosmetics. The seller notes this is likely due to long-term ownership by a mature, female owner who was a non-smoker. The Prelude… more»

Twice The Fun: 1987 Honda ATC200X Pair

There are many dangerous things in this world. I sort of miss the days when people could buy things that were considered somewhat dangerous but were still in stores and showrooms. A show of hands for those of you… more»

15 Years Parked: 1989 Honda Accord Coupe

This 1989 Honda Accord is another survivor from the great state of Washington, where numerous vehicles otherwise extinct in other parts of the country seemingly survive without too many battle scars to show for it. In addition, it’s the… more»

Low Mileage Specimen? 1974 Honda CB750

This 1974 Honda CB750 is described as a specimen in “…great condition,” with under 10,000 original miles. Not much else is shared, but enthusiasts know the CB750 is a bit of a legend in the bike community, and one… more»

Pristine 46k-Mile 1991 Honda Prelude 2.0Si

Despite having a reputation for building sporty and reliable compact vehicles, the Honda Prelude doesn’t come up in conversation nearly as much as other models, such as the Civic Si or CR-X.  Unfortunately, just like other Honda models from… more»

Stored 20 Years: Honda Motocompo Trunk Bike

I saw this early-1980s Honda Motocompo on eBay a week or two ago when it was listed previously. It must not have hit the seller’s reserve so they have it listed again here on eBay in Rensselaer, New York. The… more»

Garage Find Turbo: 1982 Honda CX500

This 1982 Honda CX500 is an estate sale score that has been parked for years following a minor accident. The bike is now offered at no reserve as a dusty garage find that has been sitting since 1988 and… more»