732 Mile Mini Trail: 1974 Honda CT70

A lot of us knew someone when we were growing up, that one spoiled kid who seemed to have everything. They had all of the newest and best snowmobiles, bikes, minibikes, and yes, they went on to get a… more»

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1988 Honda CR-X Si With 8,750 Genuine Miles!

With emission regulations continuing to tighten during the 1980s, car manufacturers needed to think outside the box if they were going to provide drivers with anything even remotely resembling decent levels of performance. While American manufacturers worked to get… more»

Crate Find: Never Opened 1986 Honda FourTrax!

The hair is standing up on the back of my neck looking at this 1986 Honda FourTrax ATV. It wouldn’t normally be but this one is still in the crate! And, in case you think that I’m way overreacting,… more»

Mid-Engined V6: 1984 Honda Civic

There’s no denying that the 1984 Honda Civic, while well-built, didn’t offer a lot of performance or excitement. One look at this Civic with its low stance, big alloys, and the boxy fender flares, suggests that this is anything… more»

Suzuki Powered? 1972 Honda Z600 4×4

Japan’s kei-class vehicles had several requirements in order to meet the standards and enjoy the tax advantages, one of which was a maximum height of two meters. This custom 1972 Honda Z600 4×4 may not meet that requirement anymore… more»

Ran Before Dismantled: 1986 Honda Z50R

Here is an interesting bit of two-wheeled motormobilia, a Honda Z50 mini bike. I’m used to older style minibikes, simple steel frames frequently powered by the Briggs and Straton horizontal shaft motor “borrowed” from your father’s lawn-mower, but not… more»

Classifieds Find: 1987 Honda CR-X Si

Hot hatches can be some of the most satisfying driver’s cars that money can buy. They might not possess the outright performance of a muscle car, but they are an enormous amount of fun when pointed at a piece… more»

Sweet Survivor: 1967 Honda CB160 Sport

It’s vintage Honda week here at Barn Finds and I, for one, can’t see anything wrong with that. Most of us have good memories associated with either learning how to ride on a now-vintage motorcycle or own one or… more»

Small Survivor: 1984 Honda Z50R

Here’s another survivor Honda motorcycle, this one is extra small for those of us who are extra tall but for some odd reason like our motorcycles extra small. Why is that? Hmm… Reliving our childhood maybe, that’s my excuse… more»

528 Mile Trail 70! 1971 Honda CT70

I can’t think of another company that has made such an incredible variety of vehicle types over the decades, and they basically just got started after WWII in 1946. We all know their cars and motorcycles, but they also… more»

Final Year Survivor: 1991 Honda CRX 5 Speed

The Honda CRX was a common sight on roads from the late 80s until around the late 90s. In the past 10 years or so these things are seldom seen anymore. The second-generation CRX was produced for the ’88… more»

Dealer Trade: 1983 Honda Prelude Survivor

One of my favorite discoveries remains ordinary cars traded in at the dealership that was purchased new at decades earlier. It really is like stepping into a time machine when gently used versions of cars that some of us… more»

Stored Since The 1990s! 1973 Honda CT90K4

It’s hard to argue with Honda’s successful line of small step-through motorcycles such as this 1973 Honda CT90K4, or Trail 90 – the company sold millions of them. I have owned one and they aren’t fast or anything that… more»


SOLD FOR $5,000! UPDATE 7/23/2020 – After some back and forth emails, we are excited to announce that Tamir and barkford just closed a great deal for this Honda and it will be headed off to its new home… more»

Planet Blue Survivor: 1975 Honda CB750

When it comes to vintage motorcycles, I’ll admit that I wish I knew a bit more about them. Over the years, I’ve seen numerous bikes left at junkyards for likely simple no-start issues, and have passed by them simply… more»

Vintage Pocket Rocket! 1975 Honda z50 Mini Trail

Honda 50’s are very fun! Whether you’re a youngster learning to ride a motorcycle or a kid at heart trying to squeeze your adult body onto a mini bike, they are a blast. This one is from 1975 and… more»