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Old School Cool: 1954 Austin Healey 327 V8 Hot Rod!

California was ground zero for the rod and custom scene starting in the 1940s. So-Cal Speed Shop, Hollywood Motors, Dean Batchelor, Vic Edelbrock, Von Dutch – never was there more fertile grounds for hot rod creation than Southern California…. more»

Spotless Custom: 1932 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

UPDATE 4/26/2022 – Now that it’s springtime, Alphasud, the seller of this sweet hot rod has decided to lower his asking price so that it can find a new owner that will enjoy it now that the weather is… more»

Period Hot Rod: 1930 Ford Model A Tudor

If you’re like me, you find something curiously attractive about old-school hot rods. They possess an indefinable quality, and maybe it is simply that they are individual and distinctive in an era when new car showrooms are brimming with… more»

The Barbarian: 1930 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

Manufacturers spend thousands of hours and an untold amount of money devising the name of their latest offering. The badge needs to achieve two aims. The first is that it must, in some way, encourage an emotional response from… more»

Cool Custom: 1937 Chevrolet Coupe Hot Rod

Old school hot rods were in danger of dying out at the turn of the century, but they are experiencing a resurgence in the classic market. There could be many reasons for this, but it seems that owners feel… more»

Hemi Powered: 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

If you trace the history of hot rods back to their roots, the overriding theme on these builds is ingenuity. Owners generally didn’t have a mountain of cash to spend, so they adapted and modified what was on hand… more»

Compact Custom: 1961 Vintage Hot Rod

Eclectic is such a great word. It also best encapsulates the vehicles that we see appearing on our desks here at Barn Finds. Regular readers will be used to seeing a wide assortment of desirable muscle cars, pony cars,… more»

Old School Cool: 1932 Ford Model A Coupe

Have you ever looked at a classic car and your bank account and realized that the two aren’t compatible? Yeah, me too. That is the dilemma that I face with this 1932 Ford Model A Coupe because as much… more»

Old School Cool: 1937 Chevrolet 2-Door Sedan

If we were to trace the roots of the hot rod scene in America, it has a history that now dates back a century. When Prohibition came into force in 1920, it led to an entire industry in bootlegging…. more»

Frozen In Time: 1930 Model A Pickup Hot Rod

At one time or another, pretty much every car guy or gal has opened up a car magazine and enjoyed the pictures, stories, and specifications of the cars within. Consequently, some cars featured in big publications have gone on… more»

Boyd Coddington’s 1st Mag Feature: 1915 Ford Model T

The owner of this 1915 Ford Model T claims that it is one of the early cars built by the legendary Boyd Coddington, and has featured in a number of magazine articles during the 1970s. It is now in… more»

Beautiful Retro Rod: 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Cher once sang about what she would do if she could turn back time, and if you bought this 1929 Model A Roadster, it really would be like turning back time. The car was constructed in 1967, but it… more»

Hot Rod Time Capsule! 1930 Ford Model A

Like race cars, most hot rods evolve over time, changing colors, wheels and tires, engines, and other parts to suit a succession of new owners. This 1930 Ford Model A in Aguanga, California appears to have changed little since… more»

327/4-Speed ’57 Chevy

An American icon of the classic automotive world, the ’57 Chevy has been raced, restored, customized, and cherished for decades. After many years at rest, this neat hot rod find is an eclectic combination of parts that most certainly… more»

Hot Rod and Roll: 1933 Essex Terraplane

An uncommon maker to see, this Essex Terraplane project is a solid start to a hot rod project. Fitted with modern front suspension, and previously fitted with a V8, this may very well be the prefect hot rod project… more»

Diesel Dually What? 1952 Buick Roadmaster

Have you ever found yourself with a load of parts and a rusty old car and wanted to combine them? Well that may very well be what happened to this 1952 Buick Roadmaster. Sitting on a truck frame with… more»

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