How Produce Got Delivered: 1930 Ford Model A Huckster

The business of delivering goods to the masses is ever-changing.  Today we are going through a radical transformation of that process, where items are ordered online and picked up in a parking lot or delivered to your home by… more»

Classified Find: 1925 Ford Model T Huckster

The Ford Model T proved two things to the motoring world. The first was that it was possible to produce a single platform with a bewildering array of body options that could potentially fulfill every need. The other is… more»

Huckster Truck: 1923 Chevrolet Superior B Project

Grocery delivery was a hot topic over the last few years, but in the early 1900s, grocery trucks plied rural roads routinely. Called hucksters, their beds were made to showcase fresh vegetables, household sundries, hardware, and farm supplies. The… more»