Hudson Hornet

Hollywood Hardtop! 1956 Hudson Hornet

We could refer to this car as an H cubed! Most have heard of a Hudson Hornet but a “Hollywood” model designation is a new one on me. Besides the fact that this Hudson is a 1956 model, it… more»

First In NASCAR: 1954 Hudson Hornet Garage Find

Hudson Motor Car Co. was the first automobile manufacturer to get involved in stock car racing when NASCAR was formed. The Hornet model dominated the sport in the early-1950s when drivers actually raced stock cars and won a bunch… more»

Same Owner 40 Years: 1956 Hudson Hornet

The name Hudson was a storied brand, appearing on automobiles from 1909-57. Those final three years, they were products of American Motors which had been formed when Hudson Motor Car Co. and Nash-Kelvinator merged. The Hudson Hornet was the… more»

26K Mile 1956 Hudson Hornet Custom Six Twin-H

The second and last-generation Hudson Hornet was made for just three years, 1955 through 1957. Finding one with just 26,907 miles on it would be out of this world. This 1956 Hudson Hornet Custom Six with Twin-H power is… more»

Golden Goose: 1954 Hudson Hornet Special

The Hudson Hornet has a fascinating history and – to look at the car – you wouldn’t think it was the dominating make in the early years of NASCAR racing. 1954 would be the last year of the so-called… more»

Dual Carburetors! 1954 Hudson Hornet Special

As 1954 dawned, Hudson was running out of road as an independent company. Later that year it would merge with Nash-Kelvinator and form American Motors Corporation. It was a difficult time for car manufactures, Willys and Kaiser Motors had… more»

Historic Custom: 1954 Hudson Hornet

Generally, I shy away from customs. Auto designers usually have a great eye and a good feel for what works and what sells – yes, there are some obvious exceptions but I won’t belabor that point with specifics. Nevertheless,… more»