First In NASCAR: 1954 Hudson Hornet Garage Find

Hudson Motor Car Co. was the first automobile manufacturer to get involved in stock car racing when NASCAR was formed. The Hornet model dominated the sport in the early-1950s when drivers actually raced stock cars and won a bunch… more»

Early Subcompacts: Trio of Metropolitans

The Nash Metropolitan was a small, American car built in England from 1953-61. While being sold as a Nash, it also was peddled as a Hudson after Nash and Hudson merged to form American Motors. And later it was… more»

Brass Era Beauty: 1915 Hudson Six-40

The first few decades of the 20th century were an exciting time in the motoring world, especially in America. While the story we learn in school tends to focus on the ubiquitous Ford Model T, there were a host… more»

Western Wasp: 1951 Hudson Hornet

The Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit has roots going all the way back to 1909, and in 1954 they merged with Nash-Kelvinator to form American Motors Corporation.  Although AMC re-introduced the Hornet name in 1970, the first generation… more»

Stored 30 Years: 1951 Hudson Pacemaker

The idea of stepping down into a car is somewhat foreign to vehicle buyers today for the most part, as most people are now driving big 4×4 pickups and SUVs which they have to step up into. It wasn’t… more»

Solid Project: 1954 Hudson Hornet Special Club Coupe

While it is often said that racing improves the breed, sometimes on-track success doesn’t translate to sales on the showroom floor. Such was the case with the Hudson Hornet. Despite dominating stock car racing in the first few years… more»

Cheap Collection: Nash and Hudson Metropolitan

When it comes to affordable project cars, they don’t come much cheaper than this collection of Nash (and Hudson) Metropolitans. Built in Britain, the car remained on sale between 1954 and 1962. By the standards of today, the Metropolitan… more»

No Reserve: 1951 Hudson Hornet Convertible Brougham

Stunning. There’s probably no better word to describe this 1951 Hudson Hornet Convertible Brougham. Not only does every aspect of this classic present superbly, but it is a model that the company built in very limited numbers. This vehicle… more»

3 for 1: Trio of Metropolitans

The Metropolitan was a small economy car, a subcompact before the term was even invented. It was built in England for American Motors between 1953-61. Early editions would be badged as both Nash and Hudson automobiles and later as… more»

On the Road: 1949 Hudson Commodore 8 Coupe

It’s hard not to wonder at the fate of Hudson Motors, an innovative company that seemed to have so much going for it during the postwar years. Here we have an example of that innovation, produced only eight years… more»

Stealth Fighter: 1954 Hudson Super Jet

Looking almost like an undercover law enforcement car, this stealth-looking 1954 Hudson Super Jet is one interesting and understated ride. It almost looks like a Soviet car to me – a plain black sedan with black wall tires and… more»

All Original Driver: 1937 Terraplane Brougham

With the world mired in the depths of The Great Depression, it would take a brave automobile manufacturer to introduce a completely new model to the market. Hudson was a company that was renowned for its bravery, and they… more»

1947 Hudson Pickup With Bullet Holes!

The stories this old Hudson could tell! This 1947 Hudson pickup was pulled from the New Mexico desert where it obviously spent quite a bit of time exposed to the elements. It also features a slew of bullet holes… more»

Third Time’s The Charm? 1937 Hudson Terraplane

I had just started to write this Hudson up that recently showed up here on eBay. As I was looking the body over, I got this strong sense of déjà vu. And then I remembered writing up a Terraplane… more»

Classifieds Find: 8,300 Mile 1950 Hudson Pacemaker

Occasionally a classic car will come into our lives that is simply jaw-dropping, and this 1950 Hudson Pacemaker would have to fit that description. This is an original and unmolested survivor, but what makes it truly amazing is the… more»

Barn Finds Emerge From Kentucky Estate

Reader Damon C and his friend James C were recently tasked with cleaning up an estate that is set to be sold in the coming months. They had no idea when they headed out to start work that they… more»