Italian Hatch: 1982 Innocenti Mini

The original Mini became a legend because it provided surprising performance in a small and efficient package. Like the humble VW Beetle, it was also a car that was the perfect foundation for all manner of custom and performance… more»

Fast Finds

Pocket Rocket: 1985 Innocenti De Tomaso Turbo

Today, when somebody mentions the word “hybrid” in connection to motor vehicles, the first vehicle that will pop into the heads of most people, is the Toyota Prius. Well, why not the Innocenti Turbo De Tomaso? Alright, technically this… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1973 Mini Innocenti 1300 + Spares

The classic Mini is an absolute hoot to drive, with go-kart level handling and a clever design. If you’ve been hunting for a Mini project but want something a little different, Reader Mike N’s Innocenti is definitely worth a… more»

Squared-Off Italian Mini: 1980 Innocenti

Not only did Innocenti make their own version of the Austin-Healey Sprite as Scotty covered recently, by 1974 Innocenti had been making the BMC Mini under licence for nine years. However, they wanted their own version of the car…. more»

Italy Meets Great Britain: 1965 Innocenti S Spyder

This exotic, little Italian-designed beauty is a 1965 Innocenti S Spyder and it’s in Ames, Iowa. It’s listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $6,000 and there are about six days left to get your shipper lined up.

Motoring Monday: 1972 Innocenti Mini 1000

Yes, I know it’s technically not a British car for Motoring Monday, but the Innocenti was built under licence from BMC and BL from 1961 to 1976. Generally considered to be a little nicer outfitted than the British original, Innocenti… more»

Sculpted! 1965 Innocenti Spyder

Sprite performance in an Italian body, sounds like fun!

Pan Am Racer: 1961 Innocenti Spyder

The simple fact that this car is an Innocenti make it special, but this one has also lived an exciting life. International travels and racing exploits litter its past. It was originally sold in France and the owner took it with them when… more»

Anglo-Italian Hybrid: 1965 Innocenti Spyder

I’ve seen one of these in person and they are really beautiful. This one looks a little awkward because it’s sitting up quite high with the drivetrain out, and the red-painted late MG Midget wheels aren’t helping either. The little… more»