International Harvester

Desert Star: 1980 International Harvester Scout II Project

The International Harvester Scout II came rolling down the road in 1971, to replace the Scout 800. Changes included different grilles and light housings as production extended to 1980, a slightly lower stance, and best of all, the optional… more»

Chevy V8 Power! 1955 International S-100

International Harvester, long known for its work in agricultural and construction equipment, was also in the truck business. Pickup trucks were part of the sales portfolio from the early part of the 20th Century through 1975. This 1955 S-100… more»

One Family Owned: 1979 International Harvester Scout II V8

International Harvester began life in 1902 as an aggregation of farm equipment makers. Among its products were corn and grain binders, a factoid that became important much later on, as IH evolved to make everything from trucks to lawn… more»

Solid Original: 1974 International Scout II

International Harvester began producing its off-road Scout vehicles in 1961, and while the original intent was chiefly as a competitor for the Jeep, many now view it as a forerunner to the more modern SUV.  The Scout II was… more»

RV Conversion Candidate? 1951 International 25′ School Bus

I’ve recently become a local school bus driver so I couldn’t pass this one up, especially since its number, 267, is close to my bus number of 277. The seller doesn’t give any background or what this survivor school… more»

Detroit Diesel 5-Speed! 1973 International Travelall

With all of the reintroductions and reinventions of either current or former vehicles, I keep waiting for International – or Navistar International – to reintroduce a modern version of the Travelall. This unique diesel-powered 5-speed 1973 International 1210 Travelall… more»

4X4 Survivor: 1963 International Harvester Scout 80

The IH Scout 80 was an early off-road SUV built to compete with the Jeep and its production lasted from 1961 to 1980. It was a 2-door pickup with a removable hardtop and fold-down windshield (the latter on early… more»

Vintage Delivery! 1961 International Metro Van

The International Metro Van, made by International Harvester, is a step van (aka walk-in or multi-stop delivery truck). It was one of the earlier, mass-produced forward control vehicles, once commonly used for milk or bakery delivery. It was designed… more»

Twenty Years in Storage: 1967 International Scout 800

While small sports utility vehicles now seem to be some of the most common cars on the road, it wasn’t always so. It has been a long evolution from the working vehicles of the past to the people-movers of… more»

Patriot Project: 1976 International Harvester Scout II

Are you Patriotic? If you are, you may like this 1976 International Harvester Patriot Edition Scout II. The truck/SUV is located in Madisonville, Louisiana and is in project condition. The Scout II is listed here on Craigslist for an… more»

School Bus Yellow: 1979 International Scout II

Some vehicles stand the test of time and the International Harvester is one of those vehicles. It was produced from 1960 to 1980 and over 500,000 units were produced over its production run. This example is a 3rd generation… more»

Stored 40 Years! 1961 International C120 Travelette

From military duty to the South Dakota Department State Forestry department in the fire suppression department, this 1961 International C120 Travelette is one rugged and cool truck. The seller has it listed here on eBay in Cookeville, Tennessee and… more»

Vintage 4×4: 1964 International Harvester C-1200

Old trucks are cool. Very cool. And better yet, they can be a very affordable way to get into the old car hobby. Case in point: this 1964 International Harvester C-1200 4×4. This beauty is located in Longmont, Colorado,… more»

Rare 2WD: 1977 International Harvester Scout II

International Harvester produced over 500,000 models of the Scout from 1960 to 1980. This is a 1977 International Harvester Scout II that is a two wheel drive version. Most Scouts were four wheel drive. This Scout II is located… more»

Last Year Truck? 1975 International 200 4×4

It’s hard to believe that such a big company as International Harvester couldn’t compete with GM, Ford, and Chrysler in the truck market given the laundry list of new EV pickups being readied for the market today from some… more»

11,771 Miles: 1971 International Harvester Cargostar

The inception of the International Harvester Company dates all the way back to 1909 when the company began and initially marketed its trucks to farmers.  It took little time for the trucks to become successful in the farming industry,… more»