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“Holy Grail” 1948 International Harvester Metro Shorty

The seller describes this 1948 International Harvester as the “Holy Grail of Metros.” I’m not sure if delivery vans have a “Holy Grail” but this one is certainly cool! It is apparently the shortest of this style van and… more»

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It’s Cool To Be Square: 1972 International Travelall

This 1972 International Travelall has been stored since 2006 when the engine quit running, according to the seller. That’s not the best news, but the rest of it should be a straightforward restoration project. It can be found here… more»

Light Line Manual: 1970 International Harvester 1000D

This 1970 International Harvester 1000D isn’t the sexiest pickup alive, but they aren’t the most common domestic pickup to pop up for sale. Plus, this one has a manual transmission which makes ever-so-slightly more obscure than it already was…. more»

Nicely Optioned: 1976 International Harvester Scout II

As a classic SUV restoration project, this International Harvester Scout II is quite an interesting one. Already a competent off-roader, the addition of the Rallye Package brings a touch of luxury to the vehicle. It appears to be complete… more»

Doll Up Edition: 1966 International Scout

Sometimes, it can feel like the habit of adding cosmetic enhancements to a standard model and attaching some catchy name is a modern phenomenon. This 1966 International Scout is here to prove you wrong, as it’s a rare “Doll-Up”… more»

Clean Project Truck: 1947 International KB5

The owner of this 1947 International KB5 states that it has a very clean body, and I certainly wouldn’t be willing to argue about that. It isn’t clear how long it has been sitting in its current location, but… more»

Rare Off-Roader: 1980 IH Scout Midas Edition

With the popularity of vintage 4×4’s, it seems like everything in the truck market is turning to gold right now. This 1980 International Harvester Scout 4×4 Midas Edition looks like gold, the name says it all. But, with a… more»

Restore or Restomod? 1952 International L-110

The seller hits it on the head when they say that this 1952 International L-110 panel truck is rare and desirable. Almost any business that makes deliveries or has a parking spot in front of their store would probably… more»

Actionmobile! 1971 IH Scout

It’s pretty clear that this 1971 Scout has spent part of its life plowing snow based on all the mounting equipment at the front of the vehicle. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Freeport,… more»

Scouting Party: 3 International Scouts

This is a first come, first serve basis, to purchase these wonderful International Scouts. If you would like to buy all three trucks, you can do so for $11,000. If not, each truck is priced separately. The collection includes… more»

Save This 1967 International Ambulance!

The idea of a device to transport the sick and injured dates back to the 1400s, but this 1967 International Travelall, for sale here on eBay out of Oxford Junction, Iowa, is slightly more advanced than that. Oh, incidentally,… more»

Incredible! Sutter Family Car Collection Auction

As auctions of family collections go, the Sutter family auction here on may have the shiniest and most hopeful-looking set of vehicles ever. The 50-year collection includes a number of one-owner and all-original cars including some sub-100 mile… more»

Shortest One Made: International Harvester 100 KB-1

As we’ve seen on these pages many times, the shorter wheel base or short-box beds found on vintage trucks can make all the difference in how badly an enthusiast wants to own it. In addition to just generally looking… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Round Four at the Georgia Collection

As some of you likely know, I am helping to clear out a large collection of salvage and project vehicles from a private owner. You can read more about the collection here in Part I; here in Part II; and… more»

Hidden Surprise: 1974 International Scout II

This surprising 1974 International Scout II is like a hidden treasure. Each photo you see shows some hidden surprise that I never would have expected to see on a truck that looks like this on the outside. It can… more»

Bear Damage: 1976 International Scout II

There aren’t many vehicle owners who can say that their truck has had bear damage. Maybe dog damage from locking fido inside and then chewing ensues. Most of us are afraid of rodent damage on our vehicles but this… more»