Nicest One Left? 1997 Jaguar XJ6 L

There are some great cars on the market today that can be had for a song. Among them are the R129-series Mercedes-Benz SL roadsters, which are some of the prettiest convertibles ever made that can be purchased for less… more»

BF Exclusive: 1966 Jaguar Mark II 3.8

At the same time that Cadillac was introducing its mega-tailfin design, a company in Coventry, England, known for sporty coupes and sleek sedans (saloons), came out with its second version of the Mark Series: the Jaguar Mark II. This… more»

BF Auction: 1954 Jaguar XK120 OTS

You know you have too many projects when you have to start storing them in the rafters of your barn! There are worse problems to have, but the seller of this 1954 Jaguar XK120 OTS has realized they need… more»

V12 Drop Top: 1991 Jaguar XJS Convertible

You can occasionally get accustomed to seeing Jaguar XJSs come up for sale. For years, this has been an entry-level classic for both British car fans and all-purpose vintage car enthusiasts, representing an entry point into affordable exotic car… more»

BF Auction: 1989 Jaguar XJS Convertible

When it came out in 1975, the Jaguar XJS had some big shoes to fill. The E-Type was fast and beautiful. How could Jaguar improve on it? The new XJS enjoyed a 21-year production run and outsold the E-Type… more»

Diamond In The Rough? 1959 Jaguar Mark 1

Commencing any project build with a rust-free classic is always desirable because it can instantly wipe thousands of dollars from the required budget. That is the opportunity awaiting the new owner of this 1959 Jaguar Mark 1. Life in… more»

Rouge Edition: 1989 Jaguar XJS V12

The Jaguar XJS is a known quantity around these parts, and that carries with it both good and bad connotations. For the good, we know these are sometimes fiddly cars to maintain, and that the supply of poorly maintained… more»

Recently Revived: 1971 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

One of the greatest challenges facing enthusiasts searching for a Jaguar E-Type project candidate is locating a car without significant rust issues. That is where this 1971 Roadster rides to the rescue. It recently emerged after four decades of… more»

Right Where We Left It: 1950 Jaguar XK120 Follow-Up

In August of last year, I did a write-up on this 1950 Jaguar XK120 for sale on Craigslist in Kingston, New York.  This forlorn but solid Jaguar was a car that the ad writer frequently saw around Kingston growing… more»

One Owner, Original Paint: 1966 Jaguar Mark X

Jaguar’s Mark X was the ultimate expression of the company’s marketing tagline – Grace… Space… Pace. Introduced in October 1961, just a few months after the Jaguar XKE, the new saloon represented an upgrade over every other Jag saloon… more»

Yard Find: 1969 Jaguar E-Type

It is sometimes said that with enough time, money, and dedication, almost any classic car can be saved from oblivion. I’ve never been entirely convinced of that view, although I have seen a few pretty sad and sorry vehicles… more»

Restore or Preserve? 1967 Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the more fascinating vehicles from the classic scene. Even rough and rusty examples command impressive prices, while pristine examples can be six-figure vehicles. This 1967 E-Type is a survivor, and while it would… more»

Hot Rod Jaguar Mark V Drophead Coupe

Jaguar introduced its Mark V in the Fall of 1948 alongside the XK120. The slinky XK120 stole the show, but the Mark V staked out new territory too: it was the first Jaguar with hydraulic brakes, sealed beam headlamps,… more»

Sports Car Collection for Sale!

We see listings for collections come up for sale every now and again, and it’s always fascinating to see what collectors have hidden in their outbuildings and garages. This listing for an assortment of sports cars appears to be… more»

Original Survivor: 22k Mile 1969 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

The Jaguar E-Type OTS is one of the few cars that can genuinely make me go weak at the knees. The styling caused a sensation upon debut, as did what was considered a rock-bottom price. Times change, and the… more»

BF Auction: 1959 Jaguar XK150 Drophead Coupe

UPDATE – The seller has taken additional photos of the car and all the included parts! Be sure to take a look at them in the gallery. They have also gathered all the parts together to make shipping the… more»

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