Levi’s Edition: 1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief

If you want to put an iconic vehicle in your garage, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic Cherokee. And if you want it to be a model that will always find a following among fellow square body… more»

Corvette Engine Swap: 1957 Jeep FC170

When it comes to taking vehicles that most enthusiasts prefer to keep original and going way off the reservation in terms of modifications, it’s a calculated risk in terms of how the next owner will respond. Modify it one… more»

No Reserve: 1974 Jeep 4WD J10 Truck

This super clean 1974 AMC Jeep J10 truck is a factory four-wheel-drive pick-up located in Alberta, Canada. It comes with a camper top that the seller states is ultra-rare and made special for this truck by Leer. I think… more»

30 Years Hidden: 1980 Jeep Wagoneer

With this listing, we’re going to have to use our imaginations. The archival footage of what looks like a very nice 1980 Jeep Wagoneer is all we have to go on, despite the seller spending most of the description… more»

Garage Find: 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

When you consider how many Jeep Grand Wagoneers still pop up for sale, evidently hidden in garages or barns, it’s truly amazing how many of these early SUVs Jeep must have sold back in the day. These things are… more»

Field Of Project Cars: 1940s To 1970s

Located near Bakersfield, California is a field of automobiles that the seller describes as a collection of project cars. Some are in better condition than others and some would likely best serve as donors for other projects. Twenty vehicles… more»

2-Door 4×4: 1974 Jeep Cherokee

Large, vintage SUV’s are having a recent resurgence in popularity. Leading the pack are Jeep Grand Cherokees and Wagoneers that have classic styling with room for the modern family. This one is from 1974 and can be found here… more»

Dad’s Pride & Joy: 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The seller refers to this 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer as the pride and joy of his late father, and it sounds like it’s been parked in the years following his passing. The seller had grand plans to restore the… more»

Rare Half Cab: 1964 Jeep CJ 5

This 1964 Jeep CJ5 sports the rare half-cab option, which should make the vintage SUV a bit more pleasant to drive if you live somewhere that the temperature dips down into the cold zone on occasion. Of course, beyond… more»

V8 Powered Levi’s Edition: 1976 Jeep CJ5

The Levi’s Edition of (insert vehicle here) is a curiosity of automotive styling trends past, a special edition that seemingly sprung from consumers’ desires to heave denim material and buttons resembling those that they might find on their favorite… more»

Runs and Drives: 1948 Willys Jeep CJ2A

It’s hard to go wrong with a Willys Jeep CJ2A for a project vehicle. Whether you restore it back to new condition or simply keep it running well enough to hop in and bomb around the deer lease, there’s… more»

$100K SUV? 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

We all know that the Jeep Grand Wagoneer has been on a tear for some time value-wise, especially since it became part of the blue blood crowd’s recipe for owning the perfect beach house with all the right accessories…. more»

304 V8 Equipped: 1972 Jeep CJ5 Renegade

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the various makes and models of classic cars, a new entry reminds me that there’s still more to learn. This 1974 Jeep CJ5 Renegade comes equipped with the optional 304… more»

Parked 30 Years! 1975 Jeep Wagoneer QuadraTrac

Built during a time when the station wagon met the needs of most families on the go, Jeep’s four-door Wagoneer held a prestigious position in a niche market of what we now call the Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV…. more»

4-Speed Pickup Project: 1976 Jeep J-10 4×4

If a person wants to stand out from the crowd, or at least the crowd of folks who drive pickup trucks, they’ll drive an old pickup. If they want to stand out from the old pickup crowd you drive… more»

Low Mile 1985 Jeep Cherokee Chief 5-Speed!

This 1985 Jeep Cherokee Chief is a desirable two-door model with the preferred 5-speed manual gearbox. The Chief was mostly a cosmetic dress-up package, with unique upholstery, exterior decals, and an AM/FM radio. While it’s not necessarily exceedingly rare,… more»