Classics In The Hedge: Yard Finds In Surrey

We reported a few weeks ago about an enthusiast in Michigan that was forced to clear out his collection of project and parts cars. This is not a phenomenon unique to the overzealous zoning boards found… more»

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Reader Sighting: Jensen Interceptor In England

Spotted by Gary M in England. Does anyone think it can still be saved?

One Of 267: 1974 Jensen Interceptor Convertible

You may recognize the familiar backdrop in these photos, as we’ve featured a few different cars from this seller of wrecked vintage exotics. This Jensen Interceptor convertible is one of a very few drop tops made… more»

A Little Crusty: 1974 Jensen Interceptor Driveway Find

Count me among the folks that really like Jensen Interceptors. I’ve tried the “just think, honey, it’s got four seats and a hatchback” argument several times with no success, so I doubt that I’ll ever end… more»

Fiberglass Thoroughbred: 1965 Jensen CV8

A Jensen CV8 is an acquired design. By that I mean that most folks initial impression is something along the lines of “what were they thinking? They had a clean sheet of paper and produced that?”… more»

Anglo-Italian-American! 1974 Jensen Interceptor

Combine Italian styling, British interior and detailing, and a honking great big American V8, and you have what should have been a recipe for success. While the Jensen Interceptor has its aficionados, most folks don’t even… more»

Only 511: 1976 Jensen GT

With low production numbers, and a lotus engine, these Jensen GT’s are a rare and unique sight to see. Similar to the Jensen-Healey convertible that some of us are familiar with seeing, the only real difference… more»

BF Exclusive: 1976 Jensen GT Project Pair

From Terry C – Here’s an easily restorable rare classic British car. Only 511 built! It’s offered with a complete parts car with a sequential serial number. The car is stored under cover in Yuma, Arizona. I purchased… more»

Anglo-American Grand Tourer: 1975 Jensen Interceptor III

I have a real weakness for Jensen Interceptors. I almost bought a pair of them once, but the huge amount of rust in both finally caused me to come to my senses. This one looks like a really… more»

Running Jensen-Healey for $1,500

This late Jensen-Healey has all of the right stuff; the factory hardtop with heated rear window, the Getrag 5-speed that replaced the Rootes-sourced unit for the JH5 models, and a good-running Lotus 907 engine. Bad points… more»

1971 Jensen Interceptor: Backyard Find

This 1971 Jensen Interceptor is listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $7,500 and resides in Canada. Bidding is non-existent, currently; perhaps it’s because Jensens are not known for being cheap to restore and this… more»

A Trio: Jensen-Healey Convertibles

As we’ve noted recently here, there are some Jensen-Healey bargains to be had. Offering most of the same attributes as a comparable TR6 or MG, but with a little more sophisticated interior and a Lotus-sourced slant… more»

Price Reduced! Jensen Healey Duo

We’ve covered some bargain Jensen-Healeys before at Barn Finds. As a matter of fact, I included this pair of cars in a comment right here about a month ago when they were priced at $2,150 for the… more»