Stunning Restoration! 1962 Kellison J6 Panther

When the subject of kit cars arises, typically what comes to my mind most often are seventies garage projects built on top of a VW donor chassis, such as the Bradley GT.  I’ve always been keen on the idea… more»

Kit Car Pickup: 1971 Kellison Sandpiper

In the 1970s, there was a flurry of activity in the kit car business, many of which were intended to be VW-based dune buggies. Along with Bruce Meyers, Jim Kellison was one of the more prolific of the players,… more»

Fiberglass Class: 1959 Kellison J2

Here we meet another car enthusiast with enough conviction to stake his future on a dream of a car. Jim Kellison served as an air force pilot during the Korean War – a vocation that suggests a confident personality…. more»

Show Car Not Race Car: 1961 Kellison J-5

Tastes change as we grow older.  As car nuts, our early childhood is often influenced by the toys we play with.  Take Hot Wheels for example.  Many of the cars we bugged our parents mercilessly to get bore little… more»

Wild 454 V8 Project! 1964 Kellison J5

There’s a great background story to this Kellison J5 project! According to the seller, this car was being driven by them prior to 1981, when some rings broke in the Chevrolet 283 V8 and it was parked. He ended… more»

1965 Astra (Kellison) X-300 GT

The final iteration of the original Kellison coupe kit car body was the X-300 GT, which featured 2-1/2 more inches of headroom than the previous J-5 body and other design refinements, including a proprietary frame. This X-300 GT was… more»

Barn Stored Since ’74: Kellison Sand Piper

We’ve profiled the work of kit car pioneer Jim Kellison in the past, but his handiwork shows up pretty infrequently. Like so many other fiberglass specialists, Kellison sought to have his own version of the iconic Meyers Manx, known… more»

Junkyard Preservation: Kellison Sandpiper

As a frequent visitor to junkyards, I’m no stranger to the sight of potentially salvageable classic vehicles parked on top of loading containers or buses. What is less typical is to actually see those vehicles removed from their perch… more»

Don’t Call If You Don’t Know: Kellison J6

By any account, the sixties were a pretty wild time for gearheads of every variety.  The horsepower war between the manufacturers was out of control, the custom car scene took full flight during the decade, it was a glorious… more»

Panther Ready to Pounce: 1958 Kellison J6

Personally, I appreciate being alive in our time. Great medical breakthroughs, small batch whiskey, and a magical device called the “smartphone”. All great stuff. But if a time machine did exist, and I could jump back and forth between… more»

Can’t Beat Free? 1967 VW Astra GT

In the project car world, few words create as much justification for bad decisions than does the word “free.” It seems like we can rationalize any kind of project at that point, no matter the severity. Barn Finds reader Peter… more»

How Would You Finish It? Kellison X300 GT

Rakish, isn’t it? That was the promise of the various Kellison kits. Jim Kellison offered his first kits in 1957, and gradually spread out the line to include many different sports car kits, most of his own design. This… more»

1961 Kellison Super T: Where’s The Beach?

This is a 1961 Kellison Super T and it’s listed here on Detroit’s craigslist for $3,400 OBO.  The owner states that the VW 1600cc dual port runs great!  All the lights and gauges work as they should.  This vintage… more»

Imagination Required: 1959 Kellison J4 GT

It usually takes a little imagination to see the potential of most barn finds, but this find is going to need more imagination as most. It has potential to be an amazing car, but it is going to everything… more»

Kellison J-5 Salt Flat Racer

Update 9/19/11 – It has been relisted here. Update 9/17/11 – The auction ended at $12k without meeting reserve. There are few fiberglass bodied vehicles as sleek and impressive looking as the Kellison J-5. Most Kellison J-5s were sold… more»

Fiberglass Project: 1962 Kellison J-5 Body

We would all love to own a vintage supercar, but not many of us can afford a classic Ferrari or Lamborghini. Here is an affordable alternative for the ambitious: a very sleek looking Kellison J-5 from the early ’60s…. more»