Rare Truck: 1931 Kleiber 2.5 Ton Flatbed

Over the past decade of running Barn Finds, we’ve only ever come across one other Kleiber truck, which is rather astonishing considering we’ve featured nearly 40k vehicles and reviewed twice that many tips in that time period. If Kleiber… more»

Made In California: 1929 Kleiber Truck

Today there are only a handful of car companies, but back in the old days, there were thousands. It was easier to build a “horseless carriage” than it is to build a modern automobile today and everyone was trying… more»

One Of The Last 1929 Kleiber Trucks Left!

If you remember the barn find liquidation we featured a while back, you might recognize this 1929 Klieber. If you missed that one, you can read about it here. This rare truck has spent its entire life in California… more»