Where Is It Now? The Aristotle Onassis Miura

A few years ago, one of the most photographed barn find exotics was extricated from its parking garage tomb and sent to auction. Known as the Aristotle Onassis Lamborghini Miura, it failed to meet its reserve… more»

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Urban Legend: Barn Find Lambos And More

For months, pictures have been circulating around the ol’ internet showing a fabricated building that housed millions of dollars in exotics and desirable muscle cars. The story itself is equal parts urban legend and rehashed facts,… more»

Bull’s-Eye: 1975 Lamborghini Urraco

The history of Lamborghini is a story that many of us are familiar with. After Ferruccio Lamborghini created his first car in 1963, Lamborghini was a prestigious brand, which was far more exclusive than many of… more»

One of 150: Basketcase Lamborghini Diablo SE30

Finding a Lamborghini in any form as a project is a rare occurence. But more often than not, if one is discovered, it’s a model from the 1970s, languishing after years of hard use. Occassionally, however,… more»

Supercar Garage Find: 2005 Murcielago

When I first spotted this Lamborghini garage find, I assumed it was just another unfinished kit car someone was trying to pass off as the real deal, but something about it seemed different. The body panel… more»

Inherited Bull: 1967 Lamborghini Miura

We all have dreams of finding that one amazing car tucked away in someone’s barn or garage. This Lamborghini Miura wasn’t exactly found, but inherited. Parked in 1988 for brake work, this rare hand built Italian… more»

Sultan Approved: 1990 Lamborghini LM002

Get ready to have your face melt: this 10,000 original mile Lamborghini LM002 here on eBay is listed for $399,988 with the option to make a best offer. While I’m sure we just almost set the Guinness World… more»

1972 Lamborghini Urraco P250 Barn Find

Now this is the kind of stuff we dream of! An Italian supercar that was parked in a barn, complete with hay and dust, and forgotten. This Lamborghini Urraco might not be the most sought after… more»

Lamborghini Countach Body: What’s Next?

Do you “need” a Lamborghini Countach replica body? This fiberglass replica is listed here on craigslist for only $3k. What would you do with it though?

Cheap Lamborghini Diablo Anyone?

Guess what car graced the walls of my room when I was a pre-teen? That’s right, the Lamborghini Diablo! All I knew was that it could top 200 miles per hour and that it looked amazing… more»

First 1977 BMW M1 Found In A Barn

This ad is rather vague, but it would seem the seller claims this car is the very first Lamborghini built BMW M1! If that’s really the case, this car is an extremely important piece of history! The… more»

Abandoned Diablo At Repair Shop

Reader Jim C recently spotted what appeared to be the damaged remains of a Lamborghini Diablo. Seeing as the Diablo SV was his favorite car growing up, he just had to stop and take a photo…. more»

1985 Lamborghini Countach: Midwest Barn Find

Somewhere on a Midwest farm, this Lamborghini Countach slumbered in an old barn for 15 years. To think a rare European spec Quattrovalvole was just parked in this barn and forgotten! Not only is this car a carbureted 5000… more»