Just Two Owners: 1983 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 S

How is it that Lamborghini produced both the Miura and the Countach? And one right after the other? The Miura is a ballerina, sublime and dainty in a way; the Countach is a wide receiver, brutally fast and effective…. more»

Cheap Lambo? 1980 Provo Countach

If you hadn’t noticed, the original Lamborghini Countach has been white-hot in the collector car marketplace. While it has always been a valuable piece of kit, it seems like the numbers have taken flight in a way we’ve not… more»

Sensational Shop Find: 1982 Lamborghini LP500S Geneva Show Car

Marcello Gandini must have been thrilled when Lamborghini came knocking (again) to ask him to design a spectacular car – and the sharp-edged, scooped, flared result actually made it to production. Finally, excess leads to success! The first Countach… more»

Spain Garage Find: 1976 Lamborghini Urraco P250

These days, there really is no such thing as an “affordable” Ferrari or Lamborghini. It seems that increasingly, every new model is yet another range-topper. And while these cars have never been within reach of the every day enthusiast,… more»

Stunning Survivor Supercar: 1991 Lamborghini Diablo

I would never own a supercar like this 1991 Lamborghini Diablo. There, I’ve said it. Regular readers are probably picking themselves up off the floor following that statement, but there is a perfectly sound reason I feel this way…. more»

UK-based Diesel Tractor! 1956 Lamborghini DL25

I, for one, did not know that Lamborghini was in the tractor business before sports cars. That business began in 1948 as Lamborghini Trattori and they’re still making high-quality farm and agricultural equipment today. This beautiful example of a… more»

First One Made! 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP5000S

Growing up in the 1980s, the Lamborghini Countach was the supercar of my dreams. In fact, I vividly remember attending my local county fair where I popped balloons with darts to win a small mirror etched with the image… more»

4-Seat Exotic: 1972 Lamborghini Jarama S Project

The 2+2 Italians are a chronically underappreciated lot, but if you follow this genre of sports cars, it’s not hard to see why traditional collectors vie away from them. You have all of the upkeep of a vintage Italian… more»

Italian Supercar: 1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster

One of the more popular posters to grace the bedroom walls of teenage boys during the 1980s was of a red Lamborghini Countach, complete with its enormous fender flares and towering rear spoiler. By the time its production run… more»

Chevrolet Powered: 1970 Lamborghini Espada S1

Fresh from the successful introduction of the Miura, Lamborghini took aim at the market for true four-seaters with a supercar twist, something more family-oriented than his 400 GT. His first effort in this direction was the Marzal, a Bertone-designed… more»

Money’s No Object: 1991 Lamborghini LM002

Three tons of fun! When a person is spending over $100,000 for a huge, 12-mpg SUV, they don’t care about the mileage or the maintenance costs, that’s just part of the game. When they’re paying over $200,000 for one… more»

Preservation Class: 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400 S Coupé

On December 16th, Bonhams will run its Bond Street Sale in London, featuring two very low-mileage Lamborghinis, a Miura and a Countach. In ownership since 1995, and with only 14,500 miles on the clock, here is the 1969 Lamborghini… more»

Italian Stallion: 1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT

One of my favorite little facts about Lamborghini is that its current Chief Test Driver is a gentleman called Max Venturi. If you earn your living driving Italian supercars to the limit, I can’t think of a better name!… more»

Field Find: 1980 Lamborghini Countach Replica

As a kid, I used to go wandering through old yards and back-lots looking for automotive treasure. The most exciting thing we ever found was an old school bus. But imagine being a young enthusiast and coming across a… more»

Italian Replica: 1986 Lamborghini Countach Kit Car

While the kit car landscape is pretty wild and weird at times, there’s some justification for buying a decent copy if the real car is out of reach of most enthusiasts. The Lamborghini Countach certainly falls into this category,… more»

Bruno Avril Survivor: 1970 Lamborghini Espada

It still amazes me to see details about how a certain car was squirreled away in a warehouse, seemingly left as part of an informal collection of vehicles despite being a sought-after vehicle that hates to sit. The idea… more»