Land Rover

Beach Cruiser: 1995 Land Rover Defender 90 NAS

One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced as an automotive enthusiast is driving a 4×4 on a beach. Specifically, a beach that doesn’t lend itself to easy access by throngs of beach-goers, meaning you can drive out as far… more»

Rare Safari Roof! 1963 Land Rover IIA

Move over old Jeeps, Scouts, and Broncos, today we are going to feature a 1963 Land Rover Series IIA. These rough and ready, go-anywhere utility vehicles don’t make the web pages here often but this beautiful Bloomfield, Michigan resident… more»

Behind The Barn Find: 1964 Land Rover Series IIA

When it comes to 4x4s, Land Rover’s Series of trucks is an icon around the globe. They are simple, rugged, and seriously capable off-roads. Unfortunately, they are prone to serious rust issues and getting difficult to find here in… more»

Ready to Work: 1973 Land Rover 109 Series 2A

The Land Rover started with a Willys Jeep. Post-war Britain was reeling from damage, and demand for cars was at a nadir. No one could afford anything. Rover, maker of British luxury cars, needed a second act, and fast…. more»

Movie Star Land Rover 88

The Land Rovers I remember used to be Jeep-like vehicles – unlike the luxury SUVs you see today with that name on them. But you can still get one to go off-roading, but they aren’t cheap. It was almost… more»

Just 15k Miles! 1959 Land Rover 88 Series II

Classic workhorses like the Willys Jeep or Land Rover are still just as popular today as they have been for the last 50 years. This would explain the numerous companies popping up to do full restorations, which can provide… more»

Huge Land Rover Stash!

The seller’s asking price of $460,000 might sound high for a group of old Land Rovers, but the seller has more than just a couple of cars. They are offering 37 of these British off-roaders, plus several storage containers… more»

RHD Import! 1983 Land Rover 110 County

If the Olympics of Dull, naming a vehicle “110” after its wheelbase in inches probably takes the gold medal. Joke about the Land Rover 110 at your own peril, though, lest a flying spanner crack your skull from out… more»

Short Wheelbase Barn Find: 1960 Land Rover Series II

It’s sometimes hard to tell with old trucks whether they are a barn find or just in unrestored condition but still seeing regular use. That’s certainly the case with this tired 1960 Land Rover Series II that is called… more»

The Real McCoy: 1991 Land Rover Camel Trophy

In the world of motorsport, few vehicles survive from the bygone days of rough-and-tumble, death-defying racing on or off paved surfaces. In this case it’s a real Camel Trophy team truck and it’s listed for sale here on eBay… more»

Found on the Farm: UK Classic Car Collection

YouTube explorers are increasingly focused on finding fields and barns full of old cars, which is great for the rest of us who can’t spend our waking hours peering into overgrown backyards. Now, sometimes, these “finds” are over-hyped as… more»

One Owner Santana: 1977 Land Rover Series III

This 1977 Land Rover Series III seems like an absolute bargain at the moment, even with the shipping costs from Warsaw where it’s currently located. According to the seller, this four-door Rover was a one-owner vehicle in Spain until… more»

Project Lot! 16 Land Rover Range Rover Projects

This listing is for a lot of Range Rovers, and I mean that in both noun form and as a means of measurement. The “lot” is loaded with 16 classic Land Rover Range Rover vehicles, some of which are… more»

Rust-Free Project: 1972 Land Rover Series III SWB

It might need an engine, but this 1972 Land Rover Series III in Rogersville, Missouri could provide a second lifetime of service and enjoyment for someone willing to sort out its shortcomings. The seller says it starts and runs… more»

Former Fire Truck: 1984 Land Rover Defender 110

Despite predictions otherwise, the novelty factor surrounding former fire apparatuses and first responder vehicles from overseas has not subsided. Japanese fire trucks, British rescue vehicles, Italian police cars – the list goes on. And while they are rare as… more»

Estate Sale Stash: Austin-Healey, Jaguar, & Land Rover

Naturally, when a group of British car barn finds comes up for auction, I’m paying attention! These cars are all being auctioned off here by Golden Gavel Auctions in New Britain, Connecticut. Classics like this 1957 Austin Healey 100-6 are… more»