Land Rover

V8-Powered 1957 Land Rover Pickup

Update 1/18/20 – This cool old Landie has resurfaced here on eBay. Looks like it sold back in April and the new owner in Minnesota has relisted it with the old photos. Hopefully, it’ll find a new home where… more»

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Meet Alfred, a 1971 Land Rover Series 2A

When I see a Land Rover from this era, I can’t help but imagine it rumbling through the Sahara or stopped in the deep grass on an African safari with tourists taking photos of exotic animals. This 1971 Land… more»

Off the Road for 30 Years: 1962 Land Rover Series 2A

This 1962 Land Rover Series 2A is described as being off the road for 30 years and remaining in highly original condition. Photos show a surprisingly solid structure beneath the faded paint, including a frame that appears to be… more»

Off-Road Project: 1969 Land Rover Series IIA 88

As Dr. Seuss so simply put it, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” That sums up this 1969 Land Rover Series IIA 88 perfectly. Currently, at an opening bid of $4,000, the price has only one place to go, up…. more»

Searle Safari Conversion: 1966 Land Rover Series IIA 88

This 1966 Land Rover Series IIA 88 is a claimed-to-be rare Searle Safari conversion, a model I had not heard of before this one popped up for sale. The seller notes it was designed to make the Series II… more»

Solid Off-Roader: 1991 Land Rover Defender 200Tdi

While it might not be located in the USA, this 1991 Land Rover Defender could easily be imported if one of our US readers would like to become the next proud owner of a really clean British off-roader. Of… more»

Series II Troopy: 1961 Land Rover Diesel Pickup

This 1961 Land Rover diesel pickup is a solid candidate for restoration and is currently for sale at $5,401 by 12 bidders. The reserve has not yet been met. While it isn’t known where this truck has been all… more»

4X4 Project: 1963 Land Rover Series IIA

This 1963 Land Rover Series IIA is clearly designated as a project vehicle. The seller has a reserve price that has not yet been met, but it is on its way, as it has reached $2,275 by 13 bidders… more»

British Telecom Van: 1983 Land Rover

This 1983 Land Rover is otherwise known as a “Stage 1” variant, and is said to be a former British Telecom van. Currently sitting on a trailer and seemingly ready for delivery, it is absolutely crying out for a… more»

Great Price: 1984 Land Rover Defender

Soon, the world will be introduced to a new Land Rover Defender. Until that time, you can consider getting yourself a classic one, this 1984 Land Rover Defender, for a fraction of the price of what the new one… more»

Double Cab Survivor: 1987 Land Rover Defender

This 1987 Land Rover Defender Double Cab is a former Welsh police vehicle that is now in retirement and is living the quiet life in Layton, Utah. It is a solid and clean vehicle with enough V8 muscle to… more»

Rare Off-Roader: 1987 Land Rover Defender Wagon

The owner of this 1987 Land Rover Defender says that it is a vehicle that will take you anywhere, but it just won’t be fast getting there. That’s a fair call because a diesel Land Rover simply isn’t a… more»

Great Off-Roader: 1987 Land Rover Defender

While it might not be a vehicle that is dripping with creature comforts and luxury appointments, one thing that the Land Rover Defender is renowned for is its ability to take its occupants into some pretty rugged and inhospitable… more»

Finnish Fire Fighter: 1956 Land Rover Series 1

Why do we love old firetrucks so much? I suppose it’s partially because they’re typically overbuilt rigs that are known to be endlessly capable, but also because most of us don’t get to play with such high-grade machinery on… more»

Cattle Ranch Find: 1964 Land Rover Series IIA

While this 1964 Land Rover Series IIA has the look of a survivor, it’s actually been mechanically refurbished after being found on a Nevada cattle ranch some time ago. Thankfully for the patina lovers out there, it hasn’t been… more»

British Work-Horse: 1955 Land Rover Series 1 Pickup

A quick quiz question for you: What distinctive feature did the original Land Rover prototype share with the McLaren F1 Supercar? If you don’t know the answer, then please continue reading, as all will be revealed. Unveiled to the… more»