Lincoln Continental

1947 Lincoln Continental “Wildcat”

Post-war Lincolns (’46-’48) make regular appearances here on BF and they are instantly recognizable for their distinctive styling. Actually, that vintage of the famed Continental, such as our 1947 subject car, is little changed from the pre-war (’40-’42) iteration…. more»

Needs Love: 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Bill Blass Edition

Special edition vehicles are nothing new to the automotive world, and most manufacturers will take a swing at the concept at least once. Lincoln proved it could compete with the best by releasing the Designer Editions of its Continental… more»

BF Auction: 1967 Lincoln Continental Sedan

Project candidates come in all shapes and sizes, and picking one that suits your taste, circumstances, and budget can be challenging. An enthusiast with a family might find a Corvette impractical, but vehicles like this 1967 Lincoln Continental Sedan… more»

Two-Tone Lincoln? 1947 Continental Cabriolet

Before I could get this post completed, this 1947 Lincoln Continental cabriolet disappeared from Facebook Marketplace. Maybe it sold or the seller decided to remove it for one or another reason. So, with that unfortunate turn of events, let’s… more»

Black Plate Survivor: 1969 Lincoln Continental With 29k Original Miles!

Luxury cars from the 1960s and early 1970s occupy a special spot in the hearts of many enthusiasts. They hail from an era when buyers weren’t concerned about fuel consumption or emission regulations. The primary focus was on unsurpassed… more»

Documents And No Reserve: 1987 Lincoln Continental

When I think of a Lincoln Continental, this sawed-off bustle-back version isn’t what comes to mind – it’s just stunted-looking. The corresponding Town Car, to my eyes, is more in line with how a Lincoln should present itself. Regardless,… more»

6k Mile Barn Find: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Classics like traditional 1970s Land Yachts are about as politically incorrect as a motor vehicle can be in an era when manufacturers are focusing more on the economy and hybrid models. These cars are as big and bold as… more»

429 Cobra Jet Powered 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe

History shows that Henry and Edsel Ford could not have been two more different people. Henry was the practical engineer who was never happier than when he was operating one of the elegantly simple machines he had designed and… more»

Same Owner Since ’84: 1963 Lincoln Continental

Elwood Engel’s fantastic Lincoln Continental (’61-’69) makes a regular appearance here on Barn Finds but many that I have reviewed aren’t in the best of condition. And that’s unfortunate as this version of the Continental is about as iconic… more»

Cheap Coupe? 1967 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental wasn’t the first car that lost out to the higher profit margin SUV trend that’s been happening for a couple of decades now, if not more. This 1967 Lincoln Continental Coupe can be found posted here… more»

Formerly Swanky: 1958 Lincoln Continental Convertible

In 1938, Edsel Ford commissioned a one-off luxury car to drive to his vacation home in Florida. This car. based on a Lincoln Zephyr convertible but with European flair, proved wildly popular with Edsel’s wealthy friends. A derivative of… more»

Land Yacht Survivor! 1979 Lincoln Continental Coupe

“Batten down them hatches, we’re about to set sail!” This 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe is one titanic-sized car- and it only has two doors! Being a ’79 puts it the end of an era as Lincoln hopped on… more»

37K-Mile 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

Short garage alert: this 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe is 19.5-feet long! This car isn’t for those of you who are nervous about driving a big vehicle in traffic but I’d have to believe that other drivers would get… more»

Blue Chip Investment? 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Or so it seems when one finds an inaugural year example of designer Elwood Engel’s fabulous 1961 Lincoln Continental in such deplorable shape. Well, at least it’s still with us and hasn’t been… more»

Elvis Presley Parade Car: 1961 Lincoln Continental

I have never seen an Engel vintage Lincoln Continental, such as this 1961 example, wearing that shade of yellow. But sure enough, it’s Sunburst Yellow, a genuine ’61 Lincoln color. It just doesn’t seem to be in keeping with… more»

Les Brown’s Renowned 1956 Continental Mark II

OK, who remembers Les Brown and His Band of Renown? Well, not me exactly (I’m old but not that old) but I do remember, as a kid, when Dean Martin’s show was on the tube and Les Brown was… more»