Lotus Elan

Taking a Vow of Poverty: British Car Collection For Sale

We have all heard that those who wish to enter certain religious orders must first take a vow of poverty in order to show their dedication.  That commitment obviously separates out those who are not truly serious about their… more»

Ready For Track Day: 1967 Lotus Elan

For a marque that is considered a limited volume producer, Lotus cars grace the web pages of Barn Finds with decided regularity. Today’s find, a ’67 Elan, has already made the transition to race car status, specifically in the… more»

Room For Four! 1973 Lotus Elan +2/130

From 1962-75, Lotus Cars produced the Elan, a British-built rear-wheel-drive sports car. Beginning in 1967, they added a 2+2 version with a longer wheelbase and more passenger room to attract buyers with small children. This 1973 is one of… more»

Cheap 1967 Lotus Elan Project

We appreciate Robert Thomas bringing this lightweight 1967 Lotus Elan to our attention. The car is located in El Cajon, California and can be seen here on craigslist. Since the car is a roller and will need a complete… more»