15k Miles One-Owner 1974 Lotus Europa

There is a running gag among some members of the motoring fraternity that Lotus is an acronym that means “Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious.” However, that is an unkind assessment because a good Lotus of any description can offer… more»

No Reserve! 1972 Lotus Europa

In the roughly 17 months that I have been writing for Barn Finds, one rare car shows up quite often in the “sell this thing NOW” category: the Lotus Europa. We’ve covered fourteen of them since April of ’22…. more»

Bargain Supercar: 2002 Lotus Esprit V8

Lately, the Lotus Esprit has popped up in some round-ups of supercars that remain surprisingly affordable – specifically, the later production versions equipped with a sonorous V8 powerplant. While many of these “lists” are often poorly constructed and researched,… more»

Treasure-Trove Of Lotus Europas And Parts

People are sure funny. Here’s a collection, here on eBay in Hendersonville, North Carolina (home of Johnny Cash!), of a huge collection of Lotus Europas and parts. You’d think that at least one of them would be running, wouldn’t… more»

Pint-Sized Classic: 1967 Lotus Seven Go Kart

A passion for classic cars is instinctive and usually develops early. However, the knowledge and skills required to maintain and restore such vehicles are generally learned. If you have been left surveying a scene of devastation with the words… more»

Modified S1 Project: 1963 Lotus Elan

Sometimes, a car comes up for grabs that seems to be a well-loved example even if it appears to be somewhat neglected. This 1963 Lotus Elan S1 has been relegated to non-operational status due to medical reasons, which is… more»

Two-Owner Sports Car: 1976 Lotus Elite

The Lotus Elite is one of those unloved sports cars that remains at the bottom of the totem pole as it relates to values and desirability. Blame the shape or the tepid performance, but the window of opportunity for… more»

Two-Owner Survivor: 1973 Lotus Elan Sprint DHC

Colin Chapman’s engineering prowess and ability to think outside the square were legendary, and these abilities brought his Formula One team enormous success. However, his racing machines could be fragile, with the same being true of some of his… more»

Simple Project? 1969 Lotus Elan Plus 2

On the road to resurrecting project cars, countless affronts threaten progress: something complicated breaks, costs overrun budgets, spouses get cranky, storage disappears, another car comes along. Here on eBay is a 1969 Lotus Elan Plus 2 with a broken… more»

Healthy Twin-Cam: 1972 Lotus Europa Special

Undeniably, the styling of the Lotus Europa divides opinion. Some people believe it is an elegant classic, while others find its appearance a bit too eccentric for their taste. However, it proved popular enough to soldier on for ten… more»

Turbo Roadster: 1991 Lotus Elan

The potential for a car to become a future collectible depends on many factors, but some of the common triggers include limited production numbers; exceptional performance; lineage of the brand; and a history of the marque showing a potential… more»

Rebuilt Engine: 1990 Lotus Esprit SE Turbo

We don’t see Lotus Esprits come up for sale nearly enough. They are beautiful sports cars, and certainly suitable stewards for the brand that embraced lightness and handling over raw power. The Esprit shown here is a 1990 Turbo… more»

Surgery Forces Sale: 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo

The Lotus Esprit Turbo remains one of the more obtainable 1980s supercars, which is a severe outlier in a market where everything has gone sky high that could be considered a limited-production sports model. Either due to the reputation… more»

Two-Owner Survivor: 1974 Lotus Europa

Colin Chapman was a fascinating gentleman. Ever an innovator, he was never afraid to push the engineering boundaries. This approach brought him great success on the track and spawned a series of exciting sports cars that produced surprising performance… more»

Legendary Handling: 1973 Lotus Europa

When Colin Chapman sat down to design sports cars, his primary goal was to make the vehicle light as possible.  While others were adding weight in the name of horsepower and the braking, wide wheels and tires, beefed up… more»

Garage Update: 1962 Lotus 7 Project

I recently posted a video about one of our current projects, but since that one is on hold while we wait for the cylinder head work to be completed, I’ve redirected my attention to one of our other projects…. more»