Increasing In Value? 1978 Lotus Esprit S1

Raise your hand if you love exotic European sports cars.  Raise your hand again if you love exotic European sports cars and you can afford to buy one.  Lastly, raise your hand if you love exotic European sports cars, can… more»

Rare Slant Nose: 1960 Lotus 7

The seller of this 1960 Lotus 7 describes it as one of the very early models that featured a number of unique details, including the slant nose design seen here. The Lotus has been a track vehicle most of… more»

Miata Swap? 1971 Lotus Elan Project

The owner of this 1971 Lotus Elan S4 floats a potential pathway that the next owner might choose to follow with the car, and it is a path that might make a lot of sense. With the original engine… more»

Cheap 1973 Lotus Europa John Player Special!

If an iconic British brand and notable model, specifically a 1973 Lotus Europa John Player Special, is cool to you, then how about owning number 32 of potentially 200 or so ever built? With 62,796 miles registered on the… more»

Dry Texas Find: 1977 Lotus Eclat

It seems vintage Lotus cars are always a rare find when they turn up, but don’t necessarily inspire buyers to fall over themselves trying to acquire one. A Porsche 356 or early 911, sure – there’s seemingly always a… more»

Truly Special: 1974 Lotus Europa

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Restoration Project: 1966 Lotus Elan S2

While the British aren’t exactly known for making reliable vehicles, they certainly do make some very fine looking ones. Such is the case with this 1966 Lotus Elan S2 that is available here on eBay: though it is certainly… more»

Shop Manual Included: 1969 Lotus Europa S2

The Lotus Europa may limit its potential owners due to the low-slung driving position and cramped quarters inside, but for those that can fit inside, it’s a fine driver’s car for not much cash. Of course, like any enthusiast… more»

Bodacious Brit: 1984 Lotus Espirit Turbo

Though the Lotus Espirit is an appealing mid-engine sports car, it never gained traction amongst collectors and enthusiasts in the same way as other vehicles from the era – such as the unattractive and slow DMC DeLorean that it… more»

Project or Parts? 1970 Lotus Elan

I have to admit, this Lotus Elan looked pretty promising from afar – and I’m still not quite sure why the seller thinks it’s potentially a parts car. Sure, there are some fairly important pieces missing like most of… more»

Stalled Restoration: 1970 Lotus Europa S2

When you look at this 1970 Lotus Europa, you might think that this is a freshly restored car and counter to what we propose to feature in terms of project cars and barn finds. According to the seller, however,… more»

One of The Best: 1973 Lotus Europa JPS

The Lotus Europa John Player Special Edition is a car that is guaranteed to cause a certain level of confusion. The majority of contemporary reports tend to insist that only the first 100 cars produced featured the numbered badge… more»

Miata Fighter: 1990 Lotus Elan M100

While it is very different from the original Elan, the fascinating Lotus Elan M100 is an impressive feat in engineering and development. This 1990 Lotus Elan that Barn Finds reader Roger found here on Craigslist is a quality example… more»

More Info Please: 1966 Lotus Elan S2

When you’re an enthusiast, it can be dead easy to keep buying project cars until the day finally arrives when you realize that you now have more cars than available space and that something has to go. This is… more»

Lotus Espirit Project for $2,500!

The Espirit has held a long heritage as a cool and unique sports car even from the early days as James Bonds amphibious spy machine. This ’88 model was involved in a front end collision to which the fiberglass… more»

No Reserve! 1972 Lotus Elan 2+2 Coupe

Before writing up this post, I scanned an article from Automobile magazine that cited how light the Elan was, even when saddled with a set of rear seats like this 2+2 model on eBay. Incredibly, it still tipped the… more»