Ultimate Driving Machine: 1988 BMW M3

If ever a car deserved to wear the badge of “Giant Killer,” then the BMW E30 M3 could wear that badge both rightly, and proudly. In world motorsport competition, this is a car that was able to take on… more»

Cheap Start: 1988 BMW M3 Project

This 1988 BMW M3 is in sorry shape, lacking its original S14 engine and listed as being “stripped” on the auction website. Although it is not a typical theft recovery given the completeness of the interior and body, there’s… more»

No Reserve Project: 1951 Mercury M3 Pickup

Complete, original, and ripe for restoration. Those would have to be the best words that I can use to describe this 1951 Mercury M3 Pickup. It has led a relatively sheltered existence, meaning that it is also a pickup… more»

Bavarian Barnstormer: 1990 BMW M3

During the 1980s, International Group A Touring Car Racing was second only to Formula 1 in popularity throughout Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. Manufacturer involvement was high, with marques such as Jaguar, Rover, Toyota, Maserati, Nissan, General Motors (Holden),… more»