Supercar Kit Project! 1978 Manta Mirage

The Mirage was a mid-engine V8 kit car built by Manta Cars in the 1970s and 1980s. It was considered a street-legal road racer (aka “supercar”) and was vastly different than the VW-powered kits of the era. This one… more»

Sold By Buick! 1974 Opel Manta 1900

Opel Automobile GmbH (a German division of General Motors at one time) built the Manta across two generations from 1970 to 1988. It was a rear-wheel-drive sports coupe that was sold as the Manta 1900 in the U.S. by… more»

Replica Times Two: 1981 Manta Montage

This 1981 Manta Montage spent some time as Barn Finds Classified, as well as touring several other venues, and now here it is on eBay. The asking price has been reduced several times and now sits at $20,000. The… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1978 Manta Mirage

Anyone who has followed my writings about kit cars over the years likely knows I have a fondness for them, but often gripe that the installed engine never lived up to the wild styling of the bodies that enveloped… more»

Build-Ready: 1979 Manta Montage Coyote

I absolutely love the ambition of kit builders of the past. Literally, anything could be made, from little British-style roadsters to full-on racing replicas. Clearly, Brad and Tim Lovette had the same thoughts and they formed the company, Manta… more»

Stunning 1970 Manta Montage

Two brothers named LoVette owned and operated Manta Cars from 1974-86 which was known for at least three models of kit and component automobiles. The Manta Montage was based on a VW Beetle chassis and drivetrain but looked like… more»

20k Mile Survivor: 1975 Opel Manta

Opel is a German company that was owned by General Motors until a few years ago. A few of their models would pop up in the U.S. from time to time, usually sold through Buick dealers. The Opel GT,… more»

Garage Find: 1972 Opel Manta

UPDATE 12/28/2020 – We featured this Opel back when it was listed in Montana. Well, the current seller purchased it and trailered it to their friend’s house in California. They’ve washed it and taken more detailed photos showing it’s… more»

Northstar-Powered McLaren: 1983 Manta Montage

Kit cars, by and large, can be disappointments, especially when compared to the heroes they were meant to emulate. VW Beetle chassis, VW Beetle running gear, and an exotic body with shrunken proportions. But sometimes, there are examples that… more»

Hardcastle & McCormick: Manta Montage Kit Car

For those of us who can remember it, this Montage Kit Car looks remarkably like the Manta Mirage that was used in the 1983 TV series, Hardcastle and McCormick. There is a good reason for this, and that is… more»

Spirit Of Can-Am: 1976 Manta Mirage

A week or so ago, we featured another Manta Mirage that wasn’t quite this nice. This Mclaren-esque car was created for the World of Wheels car shows and hasn’t been touched much since. It’s for sale here on eBay and is… more»

It’s A Mirage! 1979 Manta Kit Car

Longtime barn finder Rocco B. sent us this cool 1979 Manta Mirage kit car find that is listed for sale here on craigslist. The car is currently located in Meritt Island, Florida. Unlike a lot of kit cars, the… more»

Gone In 60 Seconds: 1974 Manta Mirage

First, to be honest, I had no idea the 2000 classic “Gone in 60 Seconds” featuring Nicholas Cage was a remake. Sorry. Secondly, I had no idea the first movie showcased a 1974 Manta Mirage – mainly because this… more»