The “Chagster”! 1982 Checker Marathon

Getting picked up in this 1982 Checker Marathon taxi and telling the driver to “Step on it” could render a unique car hire service experience. At first blush, it’s obvious that it’s hardly in what would be considered an… more»

Not a Taxi! 1967 Checker Marathon Wagon

When most folks think of the Checker automobile brand, a yellow taxicab comes to mind. And they would become quite prolific in the 1960s and 1970s in big cities like Chicago and New York. But Checker also sold a… more»

Ride Share Pair: 2 for 1 Checker Cabs

If you’ve ever been to New York City or some other major metro area, chances are you’ve ridden in a Checker cab at least once. From 1961 to 1982, Checker Motors produced these bulky cars which mostly served as… more»

Stretch Limousine: 1970 Checker Marathon

The Marathon was the mainstay of Checker Motors out of Kalamazoo, Michigan between 1961-82. Most of them were built for fleet buyers, and many of those were taxicabs. This ’70 Marathon was rescued from a junkyard many moons ago… more»

Not A Taxi! 1971 Checker Marathon

The Checker Marathon was produced for more than 20 years across three decades. Most of them ended up serving in the taxicab industry, with limited sales to John Q. Public. These cars were built like tanks and had more… more»

Never A Taxi: 1975 Checker Marathon

Anyone who’s ever ridden in the back of a Checker cab probably remembers how much legroom there was. Most of the Marathon workhorses that were built over a 22-year period went toward fleet use, most notably taxi services. By… more»

Recently Refurbished: 1965 Checker Marathon Wagon

When it comes to nice and slightly unusual wagons, this 1965 Checker Marathon Wagon probably fills both criteria. It has undergone an extensive renovation (as opposed to restoration) and the result of this is a really nice looking vehicle…. more»