One Of 32! 1970 Marcos Mantis M70

I always assume that I have a fair knowledge of varying automobile marques until I realize that I don’t. And here’s just such an example, a 1970 Marcos Mantis M70. Marcos? Never heard of it though I’m sure our… more»

Rare V8-Powered Sports Car: 1987 Marcos Mantula

Here, for your review is a Marcos Mantula. Sounds like a “who” that we’re going to review, more so than a “what” but it is, in fact, a very interesting, notable British sports car. One of only 289 produced… more»

Rare Brit: 1974 Mini Marcos

The Mini Marcos has had an “on-again, off-again” production life which dates right back to 1965. It is a car that experienced a reasonable level of motorsport success across the globe and is a vehicle that will attract plenty… more»

Plywood with Purpose! 1965 Marcos 1800 GT

Credit the seller of this 1965 Marcos 1800 GT in Middletown, Ohio with his or her appreciation of irony, as the listing here on eBay touts this rare opportunity to own a car with a roll bar bolted “into… more»

What A Gem! 1970 Mini JEM Unfinished Kit

I’ll bet a lot of you haven’t seen one of these before! Commonly known as the Mini Marcos, this little sports coupe was marketed as both a kit and a completed car — both based on the Austin/Morris Mini… more»

Competition Past: 1968 Mini Marcos

The Mini Marcos is an interesting sidenote in British motorsport history, seemingly stepping into the land of giants to make a significant mark on one of the world’s biggest stages: the 1966 24 Hours of LeMans. A Mini Marcos… more»

Insert Bolt A Through Hole B: 1970 Marcos

Do you love to put together IKEA furniture? Ever wanted to be able to say you personally installed every nut and bolt in a car?  Here’s your chance! It appears that this 1970 Marcos has been taken completely, and… more»

Unlikely LeMans Racer: 1965 Mini Marcos

The 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans was important for the Mini Marcos, being as it was the only British car to complete the race! The Mini Marcos was a Fiberglass body kit car that was based off the,… more»

Silver Slipper: 1966 Marcos 1500 GT

One of the lowest cars we’ve ever featured on Barn Finds, this Marcos 1500 GT is a rather unusual British sports car featuring a Ford engine and a fiberglass body. It’s currently in Manchester, Connecticut and is being sold here… more»

1971 Marcos GT: Great Expectations

The Marcos name is synonymous with a passion for building light sports cars with respectable power plants, but unfortunately, the enterprise was never stable enough to be called a commercial success. This 1971 Marcos GT here on eBay has a… more»

Cut In Half: 1970 Marcos GT

This 1970 Marcos GT was cut in half (!) to clear customs when it was imported 21 years ago from England. Just the body shell, which is fiberglass anyway, but still! It’s said to have been sitting in a… more»

Cobra Competitor: 1971 Marcos GT

We have featured only a small handful of Marcos GTs over the years. They are rare cars and I feel that every single one of them deserves to be saved so when Barn Finds reader Graham L. sent in… more»

1967 Marcos 1600 GT For $3,500!

We all hate rust, but what about termites? This 1967 Marcos won’t have much of the red stuff to deal with, but the wooden frame may be an issue. Still, how many of these have you seen around for… more»

1962 Marcos Luton Gullwing

We all know about Mercedes’ Gullwing, but how many of us have heard of the Marcos Gullwing? Or even Marcos for that matter? Well, dont feel bad, there were only 13 of these ever built and most were used… more»

Save A Tree: 1970 Marcos GT 3.0

The Marcos Motor Company is best known for their wild designs, racing success, and their unique wood construction. This 1970 Marcos GT 3.0 has that unique Marcos styling and the racing pedigree, but not the wooden chassis. In 1969… more»