Mark II

1 of 40: 1957 Continental Mark II

In 1956, Ford Motor Co. created a special division aside from Lincoln to produce uber-luxurious cars sold under the Continental brand. The Mark II would be its one and only product and the automobile and division were discontinued after… more»

Pretty and Pricey: 1956 Continental

When the Ford Motor Company decided to bring back the Continental nameplate in the early 1950s, the bar was set very high.  This was to be a demonstration of Ford’s ability to produce a world-class luxury car, and they… more»

Factory Air: 1956 Continental Mark II

When I saw the listing for this 1956 Continental Mark II, it made me wonder whether there are any manufacturers that haven’t produced a “halo” model. Okay, maybe Trabant is a candidate, but the list will be short. The… more»

Overlooked Classic: 1956 Continental Mark II

In the world of classic cars, some vehicles are simply not selling for what they should.  Often these vehicles were not very successful in the marketplace despite fine craftsmanship and great styling.  A perfect example of this underappreciated group… more»

Parked for 30 Years: 1967 Jaguar Mark II Project

Grace… Space… Pace – that was the sales motto for Jaguar cars, and the Mark II fits that bill perfectly. Its predecessor was the first Jaguar utilizing unitary construction, which substantially strengthened the body. This new method of body… more»

Recent Barn Find: 1967 Jaguar Mark II 340

1967 was the end of the line for the Jaguar Mark II, which began production in Coventry, England for the 1959 model year.  The mid-size offering Jaguar was rebadged as the 340 for its final year, for the cars… more»

First Year Mark! 1956 Continental Mark II

Synonymous with luxury, the Lincoln Continental spanned through ten generations of cars, and while it took a pause here and there the Continental nameplate ultimately lasted until just a couple of years ago when it was put to rest… more»

Mark II Powered: 1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MK I

British auto manufacturer Austin-Healey was formed in 1952 when Herbert Austin of Austin Motor Company and Donald Healey of Healey Motor Company entered into a joint venture to produce sports cars, a partnership that lasted until 1972 when their… more»

1 of 444: 1957 Continental Mark II

The Mark II was Ford Motor Company’s image car in the 1950s, produced in limited quantities to compete with the likes of Rolls-Royce. Rumor has it that Ford lost money on every one of them that they built. It… more»

Museum Find: 1957 Continental Mark II

Do cars belong in museums? It is an interesting topic, and it will ignite views from both sides of the fence. While I deem it essential to preserve classic cars, I always feel that they deserve an opportunity to… more»

Japanese Survivor: 1968 Toyota Corona Mark II

Toyota Motor Sales USA set up shop in California in 1957. As their network grew slowly in the U.S., the Corona would be introduced eight years later. It was designed with American drivers in mind and would quickly become… more»

Les Brown’s Renowned 1956 Continental Mark II

OK, who remembers Les Brown and His Band of Renown? Well, not me exactly (I’m old but not that old) but I do remember, as a kid, when Dean Martin’s show was on the tube and Les Brown was… more»

Taking Aim at Rolls-Royce! 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II

The Mark II was an uber-luxury coupé sold by the Continental Division of Ford in 1956-57. It was the flagship FOMOCO automobile, marketed against the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Supposedly, Ford lost money on every one of them sold because… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1956 Continental Mark II

A domestic luxury model, only 3,000 built, mostly hand-assembled and considered to be a Rolls Royce competitor, a Lincoln Continental Mark II? No, actually it’s a Lincoln Continental Mark II, and in this case a 1956 example. A tremendous… more»

No Reserve! Superb 1956 Continental Mark II

Now, this is a car! No, it’s not a barn find, the description is scant and the pictures are not complete, but what’s included shows off Big Red beautifully. Let’s examine this rare Lincoln more closely; it is located… more»

Owned 30 Years: 1956 Continental Mark II

This 1956 Continental Mark II is a car that I would love to own for the next 30 years, just as long as the current owner has had it. What a drop-dead gorgeous car. They have it posted for… more»