Mark II

Modded Mark II: 1957 Continental Mark II

We recently saw a ’56 Mark II and the seller mentioned maybe it was more suited to creating a restomod rather than doing a full restoration on it. This 1957 Continental Mark II appears to have had that restomod,… more»

$3,750 Barn Find: 1956 Continental Mark II

Some of us have vehicles squirreled away, those that have been in storage for an embarrassingly long time – too long, really. I have a couple of motorcycles that have been stored since 1986 but that’s nothing compared to… more»

Ultimate Luxury: 1956 Lincoln Continental

The owner refers to this car as a Lincoln Continental, but it is actually a Continental Mark II. Regardless of that, we have seen a few project grade Mark IIs come through in recent times, and this particular car… more»