One Owner Classic: 1953 Mercury Monterey Convertible

Finding a one owner classic car is always great, but to find a one owner car that is 66-years-old is even better. That’s precisely what this 1953 Mercury Monterey Convertible is. The original owner purchased the vehicle new and… more»

Rare Barn Find! 1954 Mercury M100 Pickup

Mercury of Canada produced its own version of Ford trucks from 1946 until as late as 1968. Rural Canadian towns usually had either a Mercury or Ford dealer and this arrangement put trucks in the showrooms of both. This… more»

The Orphan Child: 1960 Comet

Originally intended to be released as part of the ailing Edsel product range, the Comet eventually became a Mercury model when Ford decided to end the Edsel experiment. However, from its introduction in 1960, through until 1962, the Comet… more»

Swan Song: 1990 Mercury Colony Park Survivor

It’s almost like the Mercury Colony Park and its Ford relative, the Country Squire retired a little early. While Chrysler was doing well with its minivan, Ford only offered the Aerostar truck-based van by the time these wagons retired… more»

21,000 Original Miles: 1986 Mercury Cougar

I’ll admit: I’m looking for a car to use as my first “flip.” Like so many others, I’d love to make a buck or two on a cheap car that needs minimal work, and with a friend who works… more»

Parked Since the 1980s: 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7

If this 1969 Cougar XR7 is as good as it appears to be in the supplied photos, then there is a real possibility that the new owner is going to be on a winner with this car. It has… more»

45k Genuine Miles: 1978 Mercury Cougar XR7 “Midnight Chamois”

By the second half of the 1970s, car manufacturers were faced with ever decreasing levels of performance from their engines, so a number of manufacturers chose to concentrate more on luxury trim packages, transforming what were performance cars into… more»

Tire Twister! 1970 Mercury Cyclone 429 SCJ Drag Pak

Nearly every cool Ford has a Mercury counterpart, usually with fewer sold, more original options, and a higher chance of having the only one at a given event. This 1970 Mercury Cyclone in St. Charles, Missouri features the 429… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Ford Maverick and Mercury Comet Projects

As part of the large Georgia collection we’ve featured here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive, I wanted to create a post specific about a V8-powered Ford Maverick project and a very clean Mercury Comet. The Maverick and Comet both have… more»

Affordable Luxury: 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis GS

If you’ve always wanted your own slice of affordable luxury motoring, then maybe this 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis GS is a car that is worth a second look. It’s a car that offers reasonable levels of comfort, luxury, and… more»

Serious Potential: 1949 Mercury M68 Pickup

Montana is a state that is home to a great many natural wonders, but it also appears to be the home of many older Pickups. This 1949 Mercury M68 is a perfect example, and it looks like a pretty… more»

Stored 40 Years! 1968 Mercury Colony Park

This beautiful car is from a 300-vehicle collection in California, according to the seller, and it’s a barn find that has been in storage for the last 40 years. It’s a 1968 Mercury Colony Park and it can be… more»

Restore Or Wreck? 1971 Mercury Cougar GT

The future of this 1971 Cougar GT is very much in the balance, and its future may lie as a restoration project, or it may become a donor car for another restoration project. There are some rust issues, but… more»

21k Genuine Miles: 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis

For a person looking for a more luxurious classic car, offerings from the now extinct Mercury range are certainly worth a look. Mercury offered some extremely nice cars, and while this 1990 Grand Marquis GS might not excite some… more»

1-of-341: 1970 Cyclone Spoiler 429 SCJ Drag Pack!

Some cars are renowned for their subtlety, but this Cyclone Spoiler 429 Super Cobra Jet has all of the subtlety of a sledgehammer. This car was designed for one purpose, and that was to cover the standing ¼ mile… more»

Chicken Coop Finds: Dells Auto Museum Collection

In Wisconsin are the remains of a great collection, with dozens of classic muscle cars and cruisers awaiting restoration. The founders of the Dells Auto Museum have amassed a sizable collection of significant vehicles, and the editors at Hot… more»