Spotless Restoration: 1951 MG TD

This 1951 MG TD has undergone a meticulous frame-off restoration, and no aspect of the car has escaped the owner’s attention. Now there isn’t much left to do but for a new owner to hit the road and enjoy… more»

Hollywood Movie Star! 1952 MG TD

Show of hands if you saw Quentin Tarantino’s film, “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood“. OK, a show of hands if you remember any of it. I had a hand up and then a hand down but I’m like… more»

Right-Hand-Drive: 1953 MG TD

The MG TD is one of several open two-seat sports cars built by MG between 1936-55. TDs were built in 1950-53 and more than two-thirds of them were exported for U.S. consumption. One interesting factoid is that they used a… more»

Unrestored Survivor: 1952 MG TD

We’ve seen a few examples of the MG TD in recent times here at Barn Finds, and their condition has ranged from the immaculate through to the pretty ropey. This 1952 example is a long way from perfect, but… more»

Very Original! 1951 MG TD

MGs get regular coverage here on Barn Finds and the TD has made an appearance as recently as last week. Many of the TDs that we have featured have been in either very nice original or excellently restored condition…. more»

Original Paint: 1952 MG TD Roadster

There’s nothing that beats the feeling that you get when you locate a classic car that has spent years hidden away in a barn or a shed. That is the story behind this 1952 MG TD. The current owner… more»

1951 MG TD With 1,487 Original Miles!

We see plenty of low-mileage classic cars coming across the desks here at Barn Finds, but occasionally one will appear that takes this concept to the next level. That is the case with this 1951 MG TD. At first… more»

Dusty, Not Rusty: 1952 MG TD

The owner of this 1952 MG TD Roadster describes the vehicle as being dusty, but not rusty. It has been parked since 1983 but has now emerged into the light of day. It needs the right person to take… more»

Parked 40 Years: 1952 MG TD Barn Find

Finding a classic project car that is suitable for the whole family to be involved in can be a difficult task. That is where cars like this 1952 MG TD could fit into the equation. They were built using… more»

Stalled Project: 1951 MG TD Roadster

Photos can be deceptive, and that is definitely the case with this 1951 MG TD. However, in this case the photos are deceptive in a good way. As it currently stands, this little British classic doesn’t look like it… more»

Parts Or Project? MG MG TD

The owner of this MG TD Roadster is offering it for sale as a parts car. He has listed it as a 1954 model, but as the TD went out of production in 1953, this is not possible. However,… more»

Restored, Then Stored: 1950 MG TD

The previous owner of this 1950 MG TD treated it to a full, frame-off restoration around 20-years-ago. It saw limited use over the following 2-years and then went into storage for 18-years. It is now back on the road… more»

Winter Project: 1952 MG TD/C

The MG TD/C was an attempt by the manufacturer to extract improved performance from its regular TD. In the end, MG produced 1,710 examples of the TD/C, and this particular 1952 model appears to be a nice example that… more»

Solid Restorer: 1950 MG TD

Ripe for restoration would be the best way to describe this 1950 MG TD. The paint is looking pretty tired, but it also appears to be a solid and complete car. If the owner’s description is accurate, then it… more»

Horse Barn Find: 1951 MG TD

Long forgotten in the corner of a horse barn since 1975, this 1951 MG TD has now been found and can be your new project car. 70,000 miles are posted in the listing as the mileage, and the seller… more»

Rust Free Brit: 1953 MG TD

The MG TD could quite rightly be classed as a “middle child” of the MG T-Series range. It featured some pretty substantial upgrades over its predecessor, the TC. However, it has never retained the sorts of values of the… more»