Owned Since 1970: 1958 MGA Coupe

This 1958 MGA coupe reminds me just how pretty the fixed-head version of this popular MG two-seater is, looking quite sharp in silver paint with knock-off wire wheels. The listing describes the car as having been with the same… more»

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Rare Racer: 1959 MGA Twin-Cam

While certain performance models of different automobile brands can bring and retain significant value, so can former racers that have a provenance or interesting story in their background. Here is just such an example, a 1959 MG MGA twin-cam… more»

5x Carrera Panamericana Entrant! 1959 MGA

No race in history was more dangerous or brutal than the original Carrera Panamericana, better known as the Mexican Road Race.  Starting at Mexico’s border with Guatemala and ending at the United States border, this five day event took… more»

Parked In 1997: 1957 MG MGA

With Winter just around the corner, now would be a good time to secure a project car that could be driven and enjoyed when the weather turns warm once again. With that in mind, what could be better than… more»

Classic Brit: 1960 MG MGA 1600

This 1960 MG MGA is said to be original, and if it is, it could represent a really good project car to tackle during the upcoming Winter months. Barn Finder Jason F spotted the MGA for us, so thank… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1957 MGA Roadster Project

We’ve had more than a few run-ins with MGA projects, starting with a Coupe and eventually a Roadster. It seems that there are more than a few out there that have been taken apart to be restored but never… more»

British Invasion: MGA and Jaguar Collection

The seller of this British car collection says he is cleaning house, and boy, he’s got some decent projects in storage. The collection includes mostly MGAs needing restoration (the Isetta seen here does not appear to be up for… more»

Solid Project: 1959 MG MGA Coupe

While for many people a convertible is the first thing that pops into their head when they hear the words “classic British sports car,” these same manufacturers did produce their share of coupe versions, of which this 1959 MG… more»

Pair Of 1960 MGA 1600 Roadsters

This not so dynamic duo for sale is a pair of 1960 MG MGA 1600s that, at time of writing, are going for a bid price of $2,025 with no indicated reserve. These two cars are currently located in… more»

Sitting Since ’80: 1958 MGA Roadster

You can’t help but think that deciding to sell this 1958 MGA must have been a tough decision for the owner. Not only is the car part of his late mother’s estate, but it is the car that he… more»

Sitting Since ’84: 1960 MGA Roadster

Introduced in 1955, the MGA was the replacement for the MG TF. Because its styling and engineering followed distinctly different paths to its predecessors, the car was given the model designation of MGA, signifying a new start for the… more»

Stored Since 1970: 1958 MGA

The seller of this third-year production 1958 roadster says he bought the car out of the barn of the original owner with 37,000 miles on the clock. If an MGA restoration project is on your shopping list, then check… more»

38 Year Slumber: 1959 MGA

The seller of this barn find 1959 MGA notes that after lavishing upwards of $16,000 in maintenance and repairs, he discovered he doesn’t like driving British sports cars. Therefore, the MGA is now up for grabs with bidding at… more»