Micro Car

Super Mini: 1978 ACOMA Super Comtesse

I’ve always wondered why such a tall guy like myself loves small cars so much. I say that too often but here we go again, I can’t help myself. This 1978 Super Comtesse, all 5.5-feet of it, can be… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

It Ain’t Easy Being Green: 1970 Subaru Sambar

This is a strange opening photo but it shows the unusual factor of this micro-pickup much more so than the other photo that the seller has provided in the Craigslist ad shown here. This is a tiny (9′-10″), rare… more»

So Much For So Little: 1964 Peel P50 Project

You’ve probably seen the Top Gear segment where Jeremy Clarkson drives a Peel P50 around the streets of London and inside the offices of the BBC.  This exposure helped elevate this obscure microcar into the public eye alongside Messerschmitt… more»

French Barn Find: 1950s Mochet CM-125 Luxe

Put on your French microcar thinking caps and chime in at the end in the comments section on this one. This is, I believe, an early-1950s Mochet CM-125 Luxe. The seller has it posted on Craigslist in Plattsburgh, New… more»

Royal Project: 1966 King Midget

We have seen a couple of King Midgets here over the last couple of years and there is no question that they aren’t as popular as most other cars are. But, for those of us who love unusual, small,… more»

Micro Mania: 1953 Mochet CM-125 Grand Luxe

Wow, this thing is small. As in being over a foot shorter than a Subaru 360 sort of small. That’s small. This is a 1953 Mochet CM-125 Grand Luxe and it’s listed on eBay as a classified ad in… more»

The Reds, Radio’s and Rationing: 1951 Crosley Sport

What do the Cincinnati Reds, America’s favorite radio, and gas rationing have to do with each other? They are all part of the unique history of Industrialist Powel Crosley Jr and the quirky cars that his car company, Crosley… more»

$9,000 Kei Car! 1970 Subaru 360 Deluxe Ragtop

It’s fairly well known that I’m a huge fan of small cars. The Subaru 360 is probably on top of the pile for me, even though I literally can’t even fit in them or operate the pedals with my… more»

West German Alternative: 1974 AWS Shopper

A 1974 WHAT?! You aren’t seeing things, this isn’t some photo magic with a toy car, this 1974 AWS Shopper is an actual car. An actual, real production car. Or, it was, for two years. This super interesting vehicle… more»

Big Shooter: 1950 Crosley Hotshot

If 30 horsepower is too much for you, this 1950 Crosley Hotshot might just be the ticket. This fun little sports car is listed on eBay with a buy it now price of $9,500 or you can make an… more»