Cooper S Powered: 1962 Austin Mini

If you have never driven an original Mini, then you have missed out on one of life’s great automotive pleasures. Slipping behind the wheel of one of these little pocket rockets is as close as you are likely to… more»

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British Brick: 1961 Austin Seven Mini

When the original Mini was launched, it was by no means the first front-engined/front-wheel-drive car available to the motoring public. However, one of the characteristics that made it such a sales success was the fact that it represented a… more»

Rare Brit: 1974 Mini Marcos

The Mini Marcos has had an “on-again, off-again” production life which dates right back to 1965. It is a car that experienced a reasonable level of motorsport success across the globe and is a vehicle that will attract plenty… more»

Genuine Cooper S: 1966 Austin Mini Project

This rusty 1966 Mini Cooper is a genuine “S” model, verified by the provided British Motor Heritage Trust certificate. It is a major project, but certainly not past the point of saving. And given the impressive sales prices of… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1973 Mini Innocenti 1300 + Spares

The classic Mini is an absolute hoot to drive, with go-kart level handling and a clever design. If you’ve been hunting for a Mini project but want something a little different, Reader Mike N’s Innocenti is definitely worth a… more»

Pocket Rocket: 1971 Austin Mini

Sometimes you’ll look at a car and just know that driving it will cause you to issue forth with an involuntary scream. Whether it is a scream of pleasure or one of terror, really depends on the car in… more»

Left Hand Drive Find: 1974 Austin Mini

Fun and nimble, the Mini is a British legend that is often found with a right hand drive configuration, unlike this German spec car. Oriented as a left hand drive machine, I am sure this car is equally as… more»

Herd Of Minis In New Mexico!

If you’re a fan of the original Mini, you absolutely need to check this out! Listed here on craigslist, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, are numerous Minis for sale, and thanks go to our reader Ed. Read on to… more»

Diesel Swap: 1980 Austin Mini

On a global scale, the Mini and its many variations are one of the more iconic compact vehicles of all time, though safety standards barred the Mini from the United States after 1968. However, since the cute hatchback is… more»

Teeny Tiny Mini: 1974 Austin Mini Shorty

A Mini mini? Shorty Mini? Short Stuff Mini Shorty? This one is a head-scratcher but it looks like a fun little car to drive around a car show if you can fit in it – or a pit car… more»

Ready For Fun: 1977 Austin Mini

As I tore into the history of my farm find BMW 320/6, the story of how a right-hand drive BMW came to rest on a farm in Connecticut was made clear. Similar to this seller on eBay, my car… more»

Early Classic: 1959 Morris Mini

When it was introduced in 1959, the Morris Mini was a complete game changer. While it wasn’t the first front-wheel-drive car that had hit the market, the combination of that transverse front engine driving the front wheels suddenly made… more»

Family Collection Sell-Off: Classics in Florida

We recently received a tip about a collection clean-out in Florida, apparently listed by a private family that comes across as mildly cantankerous in the craigslist description. It’s too bad they won’t do silly things like “answer emails” or… more»

Military Failure: 1971 Mini Moke

Originally designed by BMC as a contender to be a multi-use vehicle for the British military forces, the Moke failed to win military support for one very simple reason: As an off-road vehicle, it simply didn’t possess the ground… more»

Barn Find Mini Cooper: World’s Oldest Known Survivor

Found in a barn in Suffolk, U.K., this 1963 Mini Cooper S Mark I is said to have been stored since 1983. The new owner claims it was the sixth of only 4,000 ever made. Found here on,… more»

Bean Country: 1961 Austin Mini Countryman

In the famous British sitcom, Mr. Bean, the silly star drives a classic Mini Cooper. He gets himself into quite the mischief with it on many occasions. This 1961 Austin Mini Countryman with 37,000 miles can be your laugh… more»