Family Collection Sell-Off: Classics in Florida

We recently received a tip about a collection clean-out in Florida, apparently listed by a private family that comes across as mildly cantankerous in the craigslist description…. more»

Military Failure: 1971 Mini Moke

Originally designed by BMC as a contender to be a multi-use vehicle for the British military forces, the Moke failed to win military support for one very… more»

Barn Find Mini Cooper: World’s Oldest Known Survivor

Found in a barn in Suffolk, U.K., this 1963 Mini Cooper S Mark I is said to have been stored since 1983. The new owner claims it… more»

Bean Country: 1961 Austin Mini Countryman

In the famous British sitcom, Mr. Bean, the silly star drives a classic Mini Cooper. He gets himself into quite the mischief with it on many occasions…. more»

Penny Lane: 1968 Morris Cambridge Mini-Minor

Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland and for sale here on eBay is this truly unique 1968 Morris Cambridge Mini. It’s a replica of the Beatles “Penny Lane” promotional cars… more»

Rescued: The Longbridge Tunnel Mini 1275GT

For years, photos confirmed what Mini enthusiasts knew: the last Mini ever produced by British Leyland’s former Longbridge plant sat battered, abused and stripped in a tunnel… more»

Competition Past: 1968 Mini Marcos

The Mini Marcos is an interesting sidenote in British motorsport history, seemingly stepping into the land of giants to make a significant mark on one of the… more»

Mini Meet West Ready! 1966 Mini Panel Van

Credit the seller of this 1966 Austin Mini Panel Van for aligning his location with the upcoming Mini Meet West 2018,an annual gathering of fans of the… more»

Build it Your Way: Austin Mini Panel Van Project

This is quite a project: what we’re looking at are the remains of an Austin Mini panel van, a variant of the classic Mini we see even… more»

Mini Alternative: 1967 Riley Elf

Cars like the Riley Elf are reminders that it isn’t just GM that badge engineers the heck out of its own lineup. This particular car is effectively… more»

25 Year Clear: 1983 Austin Mini Cooper

I can’t help but wonder if this barn find 1983 Austin Mini Cooper has been hiding out, just waiting for the day it could legally be put… more»

Stored for 30 Years: 1966 Austin Mini

With the proliferation of late production Minis showing up on our shores as a result of the 25 year importation rule, genuine Austin Minis are becoming more… more»

Georgia Overdrive: 1966 Mini Hauler

Got a bear at your back door? No worries if you’re driving an Austin Mini Rig, as you’re likely not exceeding the speed limit anyway. I love… more»

Multi-Colored Mini Machine!

We don’t know whether or not this 1965 Mini panel van is an Austin or a Morris, but I suppose ultimately it doesn’t matter much. Despite the… more»

Fastbacked: 1977 Austin Mini

Aerodynamics on the original Mini have been altered and tweaked for many years in the name of speed. This Broadspeed GT replica is cool, as the proportions… more»

Field Find: 1963 Austin Mini Van

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Bnlv64 for this very British find, located in Wellington, Kansas. It’s for sale here on craigslist for only $500, and while the… more»

Triple Play: 1989 Innocenti Mini DeTomaso Turbo

This is an unusual one, sort of an Italian, British, Japanese triple-play. The original 1989 Innocenti DeTomaso Turbo seen here is on eBay with a current bid of… more»

A Fine Car: 1951 Crosley wagon

“A fine car” was the Crosley motto. If you ever wondered who built the first “sport utility” vehicle, what the first American car with caliper disk brakes or… more»

1275 CC: 1970 Mini Cooper S

Among cars not often seen as barn finds in the states is the original Mini Cooper S, like this one locked away in a garage in Miami… more»

Mini’s Answer To The El Camino

Listed here on eBay and parked in Fulton, Kentucky is one of the 58,179 Mini coupe utilities (some would call this a pickup truck). Think of this… more»

1962 Austin Mini: Part or Save?

It’s rusty and rough right now, but this Mini could be a sweet racer!

1979 Mini Van Barn Find In England

We love seeing barn finds from all over the globe and while we are based here in the States, we try our best to find good homes… more»

1972 Mini: Outlaw Style

Once in a great while, I get the hankering to own a Mini. Then I tell myself the thrill would wear off quickly, from being cramped to being… more»

Under Wraps: 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S

Lifting that garage door had to be an exciting event, and the rush only intensified as the tarp was pulled back to reveal a low mileage 1967… more»