32K One Owner Miles: 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

When it comes to appreciating classics, Mitsubishi’s predominant sports car, the 3000GT VR4, has seemingly been left on the sidelines. That’s similar to its reception when it was a new car as well, as while it was certainly celebrated… more»

Fast & The Furious Garage Find! 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse

For those of us of a certain age, we can remember where we were the night The Fast and the Furious debuted on the big screen. I was in a loud, lowered VW Jetta, surely racing around like a… more»

22,467 Mile VR4: 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT

When it comes to early 90s supercars, the Toyota Supra, Nissan 300ZX, and Mazda RX7 almost immediately come to mind. Thought of less often is the Mitsubishi 3000GT, which I suspect is because so many of the cars sold… more»

Stored 35 Years: 1978 Dodge Colt

Based on the Mitsubishi Lancer, this 1978 Dodge Colt looks like a hidden treasure. This one would have been mine a couple of years ago in my quest to own several garages and storage units full of vintage Japanese… more»

Stock Survivor: 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSI

For a while now, the Chrysler Conquest and its twin, the Mitsubishi Starion, has been a darling of the emerging collector class of vehicles from the 1980s. Once this re-awakening occurred, it seems like clean, stock examples have been… more»

41K Mile Supercar: 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

The Mitsubishi 3000GT can oftentimes be lumped into a category of being a generic, tired used car given the base model SL and top-spec VR4 had similar looks. But rest assured, VR4 examples like the one shown here are… more»

Stored 16 Years: 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSI

In the 1970s, Chrysler Corp. and Mitsubishi of Japan forged a partnership that would result in a number of Mitsubishi-made cars being sold by Chrysler in the U.S. for many years. One such car was the 1980s Conquest, which… more»

Project Pickup: 1981 Dodge Ram 50 Sport

I have basically this same pickup and while driving it on the highway at 60 mph today, I was reminded just how tiny they really are. Not to mention that at 6′-5″ tall, I’m basically six to eight inches… more»

Stored For 31 Years: 1976 Dodge Colt Wagon

Looking literally like a captive instead of just a captive import, this 1976 Dodge Colt wagon is a barn find according to the seller. It has been parked since 1989 and that 31 years of being out of the… more»

Eighties Poster Child: 1987 Mitsubishi Starion

If there was ever an icon for the Radwood movement, the Chrysler Conquest / Mitsubishi Starion twins would be right up there on the top 10 list of potential brand ambassadors. The fender flares, chunky wheels, turbocharged powerplants, and… more»

Never Modded Survivor: 1988 Chrysler Conquest TSI

This 1988 Chrysler Conquest TSI is one of the few surviving examples that hasn’t been modified or otherwise abused by a teenaged driver. In fact, it has been in the care of just one mature owner since new, and… more»

Turbo AWD! 79k Mile 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

A decade before Subaru’s WRX fed a market hungry for an all-wheel-drive turbo with racing roots, Mitsubishi doled out this slick-looking Eclipse GSX. In fact car buyers from 1989 to 1993 found as many as three versions of the… more»

Econobox Survivor: 1989 Mitsubishi Precis

Here’s a car that I can virtually guarantee is extinct: a survivor-grade 1989 Mitsubishi Precis, otherwise known as a Hyundai Excel. Now, no one here is going to tell you that this is a collector vehicle of any sort,… more»

Cheap, Low-Mile Starquest: 1982 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo

In the past, Mitsubishi offered a variety of stylish and sporty vehicles, with the Starion being one of the most unique options available from the manufacturer. The turbocharged, rear-wheel-drive sports car was also sold under the Chrysler, Dodge, and… more»

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR Edition With 21 Miles!

Spotting a future classic can be a difficult job, but there’s a good chance that virtually anything produced by Mitsubishi that wears the Evo badge is going to be a fairly safe bet. These little cars are capable of… more»

Rust Free Colorado Colt: 1976 Dodge Colt GT

We don’t hear the words rust-free when they’re associated with a 1976 Dodge Colt GT too often and those are just about my two favorite words in the entire old car hobby. This one can be found here on… more»