Model 40

Untouched 1934 Ford V8 Five Window Coupe

With the advent of Chevrolet’s six-cylinder motor in 1929, Ford was left in the proverbial dust, still limping along on four cylinders. But Henry had a secret: for some time, out of sight of prying eyes at the back… more»

Street Rod Projects: Trio of 1930s Fords

The Ford Model B (and its variants) replaced the Great Depression-era Model A in 1932. They are significant because they were the first to use Ford’s new flathead V8 engine and proved popular as modified street racers. The seller… more»

Tidy Driver: 1934 Ford Model 40 Woody Station Wagon

Something is enticing about loading the tribe into a classic station wagon and heading out on the road for an adventure. You could select virtually any station wagon on the planet, and it would perform admirably. Alternatively, you could… more»

303 Olds Rocket Powered! 1933 Ford 5 Window Coupe

With all of the over-restored, well into the six-figure Hot Rod cars out there in such pristine condition that their owners are afraid to drive them, it’s sort of refreshing to run across a creation that the seller says… more»

Stored Since ’69: 1934 Ford Model 40 Deluxe Coupe

Hidden away in this garage is a classic that has led a sheltered life. It is a 1934 Ford Model 40 Deluxe Coupe that has spent the past five decades in storage. It is remarkably well preserved, and its… more»

Potential Rat Rod: 1934 Ford Model 40 DeLuxe

This 1934 Ford Model 40 is a car that sends mixed signals. While the owner advertises it as a DeLuxe, there are indications that this might not be accurate. It is still a pretty solid car and is just… more»

Stalled for 60 Years: 1933 Ford Model 40 Fordor

We see our share of stalled projects here at Barn Finds, and some of these have been stalled for longer than others. This 1933 Ford Model 40 is a project that stalled in the 1950s, which means that it… more»

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