Model A

Traditional Hot Rod: 1929 Ford Model A

If you’re like me, you will find a journey down “Nostalgia Lane” to be an enjoyable experience. It offers a glimpse into past eras, and more often than not, into less complicated times. That is what is on offer… more»

Stored 50 Years! 1930 Ford Model A

After an 18-year run and 15 million copies built, Ford retired the Model T and replaced it with the “more modern” Model A. The latter car would have the misfortune of being introduced just prior to the collapse of… more»

Rolling Project: 1930 Ford Model A

Ford’s Model A was a worthy successor to the Model T but had a shorter production span and thus fewer copies made. Several body styles were offered, including this 5-window coupe. This car was produced in 1930 as the… more»

Yard Find Project: 1930 Ford Model A Truck

Ford’s Model A was the company’s biggest success story after its more famous predecessor, the Model T. Ford built more than four million of them across five years, compared to the T’s 15 million over 18 years. But the… more»

Original Paint! 1928 Ford Model A

When the owner of this 1928 Ford Model A purchased the vehicle, he intended to treat it to a full restoration. However, he has come to appreciate that it is original, right down to the paint. Therefore, he has… more»

Classic Rod Project: 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

While we undoubtedly have a considerable collection of Barn Finds readers who would love nothing more than to sink their teeth into the faithful restoration of a classic car, we also have a hardy group of individuals who would… more»

Old School Rod: 1928 Ford Model A

Personalization dates back to the earliest days of the motor car when buyers would specify coach-built bodies so that their vehicles would reflect their tastes or their unique needs. For most consumers, this was not a realistic option, but… more»

Restore or Rod? 1929 Ford Model A Pickup

This 1929 Ford Model A wears all of the surface corrosion, ding, and dents that you might expect in an original Pickup of this age. However, it is a solid and complete classic waiting for someone to heap some… more»

Solid Barn Find: 1930 Ford Model A

The Model T was always going to be a tough act to follow, but Ford found itself with another success when it introduced the Model A. During 4½ years of production, nearly five million buyers chose to give these… more»

89 Year Old Survivor: 1931 Ford Model A Truck

It’s almost impossible to watch an episode of the 1960s TV show The Untouchables and not see a Ford Model A show up in scene after scene. The Model A dominated the automobile world in the 1920s and through… more»

Family Project? 1930 Ford Model A

The growth in technology and social media has seen many families become isolated as each member becomes involved in their own little electronic world. That is a price that many are willing to pay for this information age, but… more»

Period Style Banger: 1929 Ford Model A

As a person who owns a classic car they never expect to be able to afford to paint properly, I’m surprised we don’t see more hot rods that look like this one. I know the patina rod has grown… more»

Hot Rod Starter Kit! 1931 Ford Model A Roadster

Walk into your garage and look around. If nothing in there amazes your friends, consider purchasing this hot rod Ford! Located near Lewistown, Pennsylvania, this 1931 Ford Model A roadster not only makes stunning garage art, it’s well on… more»

Needs Finishing: 1929 Ford Model A Fordor

Underneath that heavy coating of dust is a Ford Model A Fordor that represents a stalled restoration project. It has been owned by the same family for more than 40-years, and they whipped the body and engine into shape… more»

Perfect Family Project: 1928 Ford Model A Roadster

There is nothing that strengthens the bonds like a parent-and-child restoration project. It allows two (or more) people to work together towards a common goal, and the end result can be a car that provides all parties with years… more»

Stalled Restoration: 1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Phaeton

Now this restoration was started before I was even born, but, speaking from my limited experience, I fully understand how restoration can hit the figurative wall. No explanation is given as to why the restoration of this 1930 Ford… more»