Model B

Barn Find 1933 Ford Model B Pickup

Once in a while, we actually see a genuine barn find on Barn Finds, and here is one example. This rare 1933 Ford Model B pickup is for sale on eBay, bid to $7400 with reserve met. The truck does… more»

The Real Salt Life: 1932 Model B Ford Salt Flats Racer

The great thing about hot rodding is that it can take many forms.  From show winning customs to 200+mph race cars, the spectrum is almost infinite.  One of the most exciting, and definitely the fastest, are the hot rods… more»

Street Rod Projects: Trio of 1930s Fords

The Ford Model B (and its variants) replaced the Great Depression-era Model A in 1932. They are significant because they were the first to use Ford’s new flathead V8 engine and proved popular as modified street racers. The seller… more»

Needs Nothing: 1932 Ford Model B Roadster

Given his generally inflexible nature, Henry Ford must have felt that the world had gone mad when production ended on the Model B. While the venerable Model T survived for eighteen years and the Model A rolled off the… more»

1 of 845 Built: 1932 Ford Model B400

In 1932, the Ford Model A was succeeded by the Model B of which the B400 was a special, low production edition. This was a sedan/convertible combination that was targeted at foreign diplomats, ambassadors, and others with deeper pockets…. more»

Stored Since ’69: 1932 Ford Model B Sedan

This 1932 Ford Model B Sedan has been sitting in storage since 1969. The current owner has dragged it out, and an inspection has revealed that this is a solid classic that would make a great restoration project that… more»

Original Family Owned: 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Model A Fords are covered regularly here on Barn Finds and they are found in every imaginable condition. Today, for your review we have the Model A’s successor, the very popular ’32, also known as a Model B. The… more»

Sat For 40 Years: 1932 Ford Model B

We’re told to never judge a book by its cover, and that is certainly the case with this 1932 Ford Model B. It looks like a pretty sad and sorry sight, but that dilapidated exterior hides a heart of… more»