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Ford Never Made One: 1924 Ford Model T Speedster

While Ford made at least a couple dozen body styles for the Model T over its long production history, a speedster was not one of them. But with fifteen million sold, eventually, people began to use the T as… more»

Vintage Hot Rod! 1926 Ford Model T

Faux patina lovers:  eat your heart out, because this Model T is the real deal. According to the seller, this 1926 Ford Model T hot rod in Tullahoma, Tennessee was built, more-or-less like you see it here, in the… more»

The First Affordable Car: Pair of Ford Model T’s

While the VW Beetle was conceived as the “People’s Car” in the 1930s, it was really the Ford Model T that was the first affordable automobile. It had an impressive nearly 20-year run from 1908 to 1927 and sold… more»

Affordable Project: 1923 Ford Model T Fordor

Although it was becoming evident by 1923 that their competitors were producing more modern vehicles, the affordability of the venerable Model T meant that Ford set a new sales record. It was the only year during its long production… more»

Estate Find: 1924 Ford Model T

Although I don’t tend to make bold or rash statements, I am willing to say there will never be another car that will have the impact of the Ford Model T. At the height of its production, more than… more»

Gear Up for Winter: 1925 Ford Model T Snowmobile

When snow is in your future, thoughts turn to dressing the daily driver in its traction devices. But there’s another solution. Here on craigslist is a 1925 Ford Model T Snowmobile for sale, with an asking price of $18,000…. more»

Wisconsin Barn Find: 1923 Ford Model T

Some classic cars make better restoration candidates than others. This is especially true for someone considering a first project. Dismantling and performing a first DIY build on something as complex as a Jaguar XJS may be stretching things. However,… more»

Survivor! 1926 Ford Model T Touring

The legacy of the Ford Model T is difficult to overstate. This is the car that helped put the world on wheels – the kind of wheels without a horse in front. Sure, cars other than the Model T… more»

Vintage Speedster: 1915 Model T Custom Racer

On December 10, 1915, the millionth Model T rolled off the assembly line at Ford’s River Rouge plant in Detroit. The custom-built Model T offered here on eBay with bidding at just $2,413 at the time of publication, likely… more»

Street Legal Model T Racer

The term “street legal” can be defined depending on your local jurisdiction. In some places, this 1923 Model T Ford Track Roadster can be driven anywhere any other car can go. In other places, it will still require modifications… more»

Blank Slate 1917 Ford Model T Project

Henry Ford wasn’t the first automotive magnate to utilize the assembly line–that honor goes to Ransom Eli Olds. Ford just made it the best version of it, and his Model T became ubiquitous on American roads as the de… more»

Perfect First Project: 1924 Ford Model T Touring

Some project cars appear on our desks at Barn Finds with a backstory guaranteed to tug at our heartstrings. Such is the case with this 1924 Ford Model T Touring. The previous owner commenced his restoration in the 1980s,… more»

Street Legal ’23 Ford Model T Roadster Pickup Drag Racer!

I’m guessing Henry Ford realized pretty quickly that original buyers of his Model T cars and trucks were often converting his creations into some diverse applications to fit their own specific needs. Back in the early days, quite a… more»

All Original: 1927 Ford Model T

Selecting the right candidate can be difficult for anyone considering tackling a first project build. While the temptation is to choose something desirable that will be worth big money once complete, sometimes a more basic option is worth a… more»

Promising Project: 1922 Ford Model T Speedster

The seller’s photos of this 1922 Ford Model T Speedster revealed it to be a promising project car. It is largely complete, and its body looks to be free of any rust problems. It isn’t clear how long the… more»

Time for T: Survivor 1926 Ford Model T Tudor

From the very first one built on August 12, 1908, until the 15 millionth unit rolled out the door on May 26, 1927, the Model T grew to become known as the car that put America on wheels. While… more»

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