Rare Flat Radiator: 1951 Morgan Drophead Coupe +4

Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan defied convention by succeeding without evolving. Oh, there was advancement, but no real evolution. For over one hundred years, Morgans have been assembled by hand-forming panels over an ash frame, in tiny numbers, by crafters… more»

Race Car Project? 1962 Morgan 4/4

The Morgan 4/4 was launched in 1936 as a two-seater and other than a hiatus during WWII, production ran until 2018. No other car model has had as long a run as the 4/4. With an ash body skeleton… more»

40 Years In The Garage! 1958 Morgan Plus 4

Auto listings span the gambit – everything from soup to nuts. Many are laconic, you know, “car for sale” and that’s it. Others are a tome – usually with nothing but seller superlatives – take a pass on those…. more»

Suspended Restoration: 1967 Morgan Plus 4

Morgans are an interesting lot – one of the few makes that are still produced today in the same handcrafted fashion as back in 1910 when Henry Morgan made his first three-wheeler. Like all British cars, there’s a pecking… more»

Rare 4-Seater: 1980 Morgan 4/4 1600

When it comes to classic British roadsters, the Morgan 4/4 is as ubiquitous to open-top car culture as chrome bumpers and wire wheels. To call it timeless is a bit of an understatement, as the core design has endured… more»

Pile-O-Parts Project: 1955 Morgan +4

When I was a wee-one, I received a crash mobile as a Christmas present. It was about a 1/25th scale with the body parts attached to a spring-loaded frame so when the car, which looked like a mid to… more»

One of 250: 1966 Morgan 4/4 Series V GT

Morgans are the sort of car that inevitably have a wonderful history file. The storied brand is known for its adhering to tradition, almost to a fault, and the owners that cherish them often do little to disturb the… more»

Back to the Future: 1934 Morgan MX4 Super Sports

Q: What’s the difference between an old Morgan and a new Morgan? A: Not much. The company is the OG (‘Original Gangster’ as today’s young people say about cool old things) of the car world. So forget for a… more»

Estate Sale: 1962 Morgan Plus 4 Drophead

It was already apparent by 1962 that the Morgan Motor Company was not going to change for the sake of change! With styling that had remained largely unchanged since adding a fourth wheel to the car before World War… more»

Modern Classic: 2012 Morgan Three-Wheeler

This little three-wheeler may not be something we’d normally feature but hear me out before clicking back. I don’t follow new-car news but Morgan just released something that really got me excited. A new and improved three-wheeler! That made… more»

Old World Craftsmanship: 1962 Morgan Plus 4

The classic Morgan Plus 4 roadster captures the old world charm of vintage sportscar ownership better than most contenders from the same period, and as such, they are loved the world over. Today, the Morgan brand has evolved to… more»

Garage Find: 1969 Morgan 4/4 1600

There are few British automotive marques with more history than the Morgan Motor Company, and for many their offerings represent the pinnacle of tradition and craftsmanship. This 1969 Morgan 4/4 is located in Los Angeles, California, and is listed… more»

SUCCESS! Flat Rad Roadster 1953 Morgan Plus 4

UPDATE – We heard from Peter that this beautiful Morgan found a good new home! Here’s what he told us: I have sold my 1953 Morgan to a nice couple from Statesville, North Carolina. They have previously owned two… more»

1.6k Miles? 1965 Morgan Plus 4

From 1950-69, British car builder Morgan Motor Co. produced a small sports car called the Morgan Plus 4. It initially used a 2088 cc Standard Vanguard engine featured hydraulic brake, a first for a Morgan product. Later that motor… more»

Sliding Pillar Suspension: 1966 Morgan DHC

Unlike some finds that have recently turned up, this 1966 Morgan Drop Head Coupe is not unheard of but hardly commonplace either. Morgan is a storied brand, just not encountered often. This 1966 example is a driver and seems… more»

Original Owner: 1965 Morgan Plus 4 Drop Head Coupe

There is a practical reason to own a car like this 1965 Morgan +4 Drophead, especially if you are the sort of person who is “hands-on” with their classics. Unlike so many vehicles, the Morgan is hand-built. The company… more»