Bring Your Friends: 1962 Morgan Plus 4

This 1962 Morgan Plus 4 is a stalled restoration project that began in the early 1980s but hit the skids following a minor fender bender. The car has been parked since, and remains in seemingly good condition despite its… more»

1989 Morgan Plus 8 with 3,700 original miles!

One of the criticisms that is often leveled at traditional British sports cars is that while they generally are attractive, possess nice handling, and are great fun to drive, they often tend to lack in the power stakes. British… more»

Traditional British Roadster: 1962 Morgan +4

The history of the British sports car industry is littered with companies which have been labeled as “men in sheds.” These are small companies that have tried to build and market their own version of this type of vehicle,… more»

First Four-Wheeler: 1940 Morgan 4-4

We’re accustomed to seeing the iconic Morgan +4 come up for sale, as its general shape has remained the same for decades, much like the ubiquitous VW Beetle. This is a much earlier – and less often spotted –… more»

Flat Rad: 1953 Morgan Plus 4

While it might look like a car built in the 1930s, this Morgan was the product of ’50s. Heck, Morgan is still building the Plus 4 and it doesn’t look much different than this one. Well, there’s one major… more»

Rescue Racer: 1964 Morgan Plus 4 Race Car

Historic racing has grown enormously in popularity over the last decade or so, and potential owners are clamoring to get their hands on these cars to restore and enjoy. Our feature car is one such car. For sale here… more»

Could This Be The Greatest Barn Find Ever?

Our friend Tom Cotter has the enviable chore of walking into dilapidated barns and rural homesteads seeking out long-lost barn finds. Recently, his travels took him somewhere not far off the beaten path – still pretty much on the… more»

Mountain Garage Find: 1958 Morgan Plus 4

What I would have given to have been the one to come across this Morgan Plus 4 in the previous owner’s remote mountain garage. While it wasn’t found in a barn, it’s definitely an amazing and highly original find!… more»

Wooden Sports Car Survivor: 1963 Morgan Plus Four

Morgans are such interesting vehicles being primarily constructed with wood, and finding an original condition car that is solid is truly a rarity. Originally sold in Holland in 1963, this Morgan made it to New York state where it… more»

Driven Only Five Years: 1963 Morgan Plus 4 Drophead

The Plus 4 was introduced in 1950 and built until 1969 and revived in 2014. Many describe the Morgan as a true British sports car. Perhaps the TV show “Top Gear” described the Plus 4 Experience best when they described… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Crazy Morgan Boat Tail Speedster!

I know, Morgan didn’t build a boat tail style speedster in 1953, but that didn’t stop someone from trying to convert this +4 into one. The seller, Chip S, believes the conversion could have been started as early as… more»

1957 Morgan Plus 4 Barn Find

From Chuck Foster – When the ad says barn find you expect the pictures to show a dusty vehicle, with maybe boxes and who knows what piled on top of it. This 1957 Morgan Plus 4, found here on craigslist… more»

Race Heritage: 1960 Morgan +4

Morgan’s are interesting British sport cars that have a classic design and construction.  Morgan’s have wood floors in them much like the early 1900s automobiles. This Particular Morgan has seen better days, but may have lived a life dedicated… more»

Revisited After Two Years: 1948 Morgan 4/4

When I saw the pictures of this 1948 Morgan 4/4, listed for sale here on eBay for $5,000 and no reserve, it had me thinking that we had featured the car before. It turns out we have–Josh wrote it up… more»

Left All Alone: 1964 Morgan Plus Four

The Morgan Plus Four is basically the same car as when it was introduced in 1950. This one is listed on eBay and located in Coleville, California where it’s been stored for over 20 years. Coleville is a long way from… more»

Merry Spirit: 1978 Citroën KG Farfadet

What could you do if you were tired of your Citroen 2CV and wanted a Morgan? It appears that’s the situation one enterprising Citroen owner was stuck with. They took their old 2CV and turned it into this 3… more»