Third Time Lucky? 1937 Morris Eight Series I Two-Seat Tourer

UPDATE 04/23/2023: Selling a classic car can be challenging, especially when the vehicle caters to a niche market. Such is the case with this 1937 Morris Eight Two-Seat Tourer. It is a rare little beast because even though the… more»

Take Your Pick! California Cache of Cars

Most cars in a collection have something in common. Makes, models, production years, and body styles are just some of the things that collector cars may share. But in this case, the eight vehicles offered here on craigslist seem… more»

BF Project: 1962 Morris Mini Cooper Update

After posting about our current project, this 1962 Morris Cooper, we got a lot of great feedback and requests for video updates. So, I filmed a short video (vlog) of what I’m currently working on. Rather than rehash what’s… more»

BF Project: 1962 Morris Mini Cooper 997

A while back, we listed and sold our Lotus Elan barn find right here on the site. What we failed to mention was that when we found and purchased it, it came as a package deal with two other… more»

UK Find! 1970 Morris Minor Traveler

Most British car lovers (and a substantial portion of the rest of you) will find a soft spot in their hearts for the Morris Minor Traveler (wood-framed two-door station wagon). This particular car was being restored by a former… more»

63k Mile Survivor: Rare 1967 Morris Mini Estate Wagon

Well, here’s another cool car I’ve never seen up close and personal. That’s because not many were ever exported to the States and the seller guesstimates there may be less than 10 of these Morris Mini Estate Wagons currently… more»

Idaho British Car Collection for Sale!

We’ve been seeing a lot of collections up for sale recently, and it’s fun to see the types of cars people like to collect. This one appears to be a British car fan – there are 7 available vehicles… more»

Stash Of Old Cars Discovered In Brazil

A group of curious teenagers found an old building in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil too tempting to leave alone, so they broke in to see what was there. To their amazement, they found dozens of old cars… more»

Illinois Barn Find: 1958 Morris Minor 1000 Tourer

While many people naturally focus on the original Mini as one of the most significant cars ever to emerge from England, the role of the humble Morris Minor 1000 should never be underestimated. It might not have offered the… more»

Early US Export: 1960 Morris 850 Mini

The BMC Mini, initially available under both the Austin and Morris nameplates, was an instant hit when it arrived on the market in England in mid-1959. Exports to the US began in early 1960 where it was sold as… more»

Stored 52 Years: 1949 Morris Oxford MO Series

While the Morris automobile dates to 1913, the Oxford MO Series came later and ran from 1948-54. It was the English company’s first new car after World War. The MO was one of the earlier cars to go with… more»

Rare 1961 Morris Minor Panel Barn Find

While it wasn’t an uncommon sight on the road in its home country, spotting a 1961 Morris Minor Panel Van on American streets is extremely unusual. This one was found hidden away in a barn, and it needs a… more»

Huge Collection Of Rare And Oddball Cars For Sale!

If you are looking for a seldom-seen car or project to add to your collection, there are a dozen of them assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, looking to find new homes due to an estate liquidation. Most of these are… more»

British Woodie: 1967 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

You don’t see a Morris Minor show up much these days, except maybe at a British car show. And when one does, it’s usually a sedan or maybe a convertible, but a Woodie? They were only one of about… more»

Real Deal Cooper: 1962 Morris Mini Racer

I have always contended that every motoring enthusiast should have at least one chance to slip behind the wheel of a classic Mini. They don’t possess the horsepower of a muscle car, but they are an entertaining and engaging… more»

ENDING SOON! 1967 Morris Minor 1000

We auctioned this Morris Minor for Nathan G a while back, but the winning bidder had some health issues come up and couldn’t follow through with buying it. They put this one on hold as a result, but Nathan… more»