2 for 1 Project: 1959 Nash Metropolitan

The Metropolitan was a British-made, 2-seat subcompact that was built largely for consumption in the U.S. between 1953-61. It was a product of the Austin Motor Co. and was the first post-war American car whose principal target audience was… more»

Cheap Collection: Nash and Hudson Metropolitan

When it comes to affordable project cars, they don’t come much cheaper than this collection of Nash (and Hudson) Metropolitans. Built in Britain, the car remained on sale between 1954 and 1962. By the standards of today, the Metropolitan… more»

3 for 1: Trio of Metropolitans

The Metropolitan was a small economy car, a subcompact before the term was even invented. It was built in England for American Motors between 1953-61. Early editions would be badged as both Nash and Hudson automobiles and later as… more»

Parked For 20 Years: 1951 Nash Ambassador Custom

It is amazing how many cars we see here at Barn Finds that are real mystery machines. This 1951 Nash Ambassador Custom is a perfect example. It appears that it has previously undergone some restoration work, but it was… more»

46 Years Barn Bound: 1928 Nash Landau

This 1928 Nash Landau is about as representative of a barn find as one will ever find. Not only was this car produced by a long-ago fallen flag, but it has also been barn domiciled for four decades. The… more»

$200 Or Best Offer! 1954 Nash Ambassador Custom

The Ambassador would be the top-of-the-line Nash automobile for many years and as a Rambler after Nash and Hudson merged to form American Motors. This nameplate was used every year from 1932 to 1974, making it one of the… more»

Two-Tone Two-Seater: 1957 Nash Metropolitan

The Nash Metropolitan was assembled by Austin in England for distribution in North America on behalf of Nash. It qualified as a subcompact years before that category was even created. It was also sold under the Hudson brand and… more»

Aero Barn Find: 1950 Nash Statesman Airflyte

When I spied this 1950 Nash Statesman, it gave me a real start – it triggered a long-ago forgotten memory and I’ll further elaborate in a bit. The seller of this Nash barn find lists it initially as a… more»

Backyard Find: 1954 Nash-Healey Le Mans Coupe

As of late, I’ve seen pictures circulating of the infamous Collier Motors AMC dealership in North Carolina, a long-time dealer that kept the proverbial lights on long after AMC shuttered its operations. The reason I mention it is because… more»

Huge Stash of British Cars (and Others)

Every now and then you run up on a cache of cars and wonder how they came to be. Such is the case with this gathering of upwards of 50 cars (that I can count) which are largely British… more»

Cute Convertible: 1957 Nash Metropolitan

There was a time, that I can recall when a Nash Metropolitan was a pretty common sight. They still are but usually in a restored state and not beating around as everyday drivers. I haven’t come across a non-restored… more»

No Reserve: 1953 Nash Rambler “Airflyte”

While it might not seem so at first glance, the Nash Rambler is actually a significant car in American automotive history. It represented the first example of an American manufacturer being able to successfully introduce a “compact” car to… more»

No Rust: 1949 Nash 600 Custom

This 1949 Nash 600 Custom looks much larger than it really is, it’s only about 9″ longer than a new Honda Accord. I know that I should want a 2020 Honda Accord than I want this ’49 Nash, but… more»

No Reserve: 1958 Nash Metropolitan

At 12.5-feet in length, this 1958 Metropolitan is one short and sweet car. They are really unique cars with a unique history and they had a very unusual manufacturing process. This little black and white Met can be found… more»

Sinking Glory: 1954 Nash Ambassador Custom

Nothing defines the 1950s for me better than a Nash in black and pink. And, is that a spotlight that I see on the driver’s side mirror? Even better. This 1954 Nash Ambassador Custom can be found here on… more»

Huge Stash of European Sports Cars!

A seller on craigslist in Los Angeles is downsizing an impressive collection of luxury and sports cars. This photo above gives a snapshot of what he has in his storage area, which he’s admitting is running low on space…. more»