Airflyte Project: 1949 Nash 600 Super

You know one when you see one! Bathtub, blimp, submarine, capsule, however, you choose to describe it, a 1949 Nash is a definite attention-getter. I have always been fascinated by this new for ’49 design but in a perverse… more»

Stored Over 4 Decades: 1951 Nash Rambler Convertible

The Nash Rambler is often remembered in 50s automotive history for being recognized as the first U.S. car that achieved success in the compact market.  When it was introduced in 1950, Nash Ramblers were first produced by the Nash-Kelvinator… more»

Customized V8 Ride! 1950 Nash

Nash Motors was around from 1916 to 1954, at which time it acquired Hudson Motor Car to become American Motors. In 1949, they introduced the Airflyte whose design was based upon aerodynamics much like the Chrysler Airflows of the… more»

Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes? 1929 Nash Cabriolet

In 1985, George Jones released his 45th album, titled “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes.”  The album’s name was also the name of the hit song and video from that record, which asks the listener who is going to replace… more»

Potential Bargain? 1949 Nash Ambassador Super

And you thought that sitting around since 2020 had done a number on your rear end! The 1949 to 1951 Nash was reportedly the most aerodynamic car on the road at the time – at least for an American… more»

Airflyte Project: 1951 Nash Rambler Convertible

The late 1940s brought increased interest in streamlined design, with a few auto companies taking the trend to an extreme. Nash was one of these, producing the “upside bathtub look” in several flavors – the Ambassador, the Statesman, the… more»

Back To The Future: 1951 Nash Airflyte

As did Chrysler with the Airflow of the 1930s, Nash also dabbled in aerodynamics in the design of their cars in the late 1940s. The 1949-51 editions of Nash automobiles were dubbed Airflytes though they looked something like upside-down… more»

Restoration Ready: 1955 Nash Statesman

Nash’s Statesman was a mid-level car built by the company between 1950 and 1956. Across two generations, the Statesman was positioned between the top-line Nash Ambassador and the entry Nash Rambler. That would all change later due to the… more»

1 Of 4,356! 1954 Hudson Metropolitan

Did you even know that there was a badge-engineered version of the Nash Metropolitan marketed by Hudson? Not many people do, there were only 4,356 sold from August 1954 through September 1957. This particular Metropolitan is listed for sale… more»

Reassembly Required: 1953 Nash Rambler Wagon

Finding a Nash Rambler in this day and age is an uncommon discovery find but a 1953 Custom station wagon? Hardly an everyday event! This is considered a matching number car that, “was a running and driving car prior… more»

Simple Project: 1960 Nash Metropolitan

Small cars never caught on in the US the way they did in Europe, but many automakers tried. Nash thought they could produce a car for American buyers to switch over, so out came the Metropolitan in 1954. Manufactured… more»

1-Of-132: 1950 Nash Statesman Custom Brougham

The American automotive scene was fascinating during the post-war years as manufacturers fought to release new models to replace their existing aging fleet. While some produced vehicles with similar design queues, Nash marched to the beat of a different… more»

Classic Car Collection for Sale!

When car collections come up for sale, it’s always a blast to virtually walk through the backyards of these stewards of forgotten classics. This listing is based out in Canon City, New Mexico, where there’s still quite a bit… more»

A Notable Nash: 1949 Super 600

It looks almost like a cross between a rolling sarcophagus and a bathtub with a little bit of Dick Tracy thrown in – you know a Nash Super 600, like this 1949 example, when you see one. Considered a… more»

Early Subcompacts: Trio of Metropolitans

The Nash Metropolitan was a small, American car built in England from 1953-61. While being sold as a Nash, it also was peddled as a Hudson after Nash and Hudson merged to form American Motors. And later it was… more»

Parked 23 Years: 1950 Nash Statesman Super

Nash had an interesting line of cars in the late-1940s and early-1950s with the bathtub design Airflite series of cars. This 1950 Nash Statesman Super has been parked since 1998 and was running well when it went into storage…. more»