Field of Dreams? 1960s Mopar Collection

In many cases when we see a collection or group of vintage cars for sale, they tend to migrate to a particular brand or period. In this case, the seller no doubt has a thing for Chrysler products and… more»

Garage Find: Pair Of ’60s Chryslers

The curious thing for me about barn-find automobiles is how they come about being stored away and forgotten for decade after decade. A case in point in this pair of 1960s Chryslers which appear to have been left in… more»

413 Wedge V8: 1961 Chrysler Newport

The Newport was usually Chrysler’s entry-level model between 1961 and 1981, but it was anything but a stripped-down car. The automobile was largely targeted at buyers of the discontinued DeSoto brand. The ’61 would be the last of the… more»

Time Capsule? 1978 Chrysler Newport With 2,700 Miles!

For more than 20 years, the Newport served as the entry level model in the Chrysler line-up. It competed with the likes of the Buick LaSabre and the Oldsmobile 88. The big Chryslers of the 1970s still had land… more»

30k Original Miles: 1965 Chrysler Newport Convertible

It isn’t clear why this 1965 Chrysler Newport Convertible was parked, but it appears that it has been sitting idle for at least 15-years. It doesn’t appear that this was a car that had seen a lot of use… more»

Fuselage Find: 1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible

The dream of finding a hidden gem is alive and well, even more so now than ever as a lot of people are finding themselves working from home which probably means more free time due to less commuting, and… more»

1964 Chrysler Newport With Only 44K Miles!

Mid-sixties, full-size GM and Ford models are still pretty commonly found, GMs in particular by virtue of their sheer numeric volume. Mopars? Not as much so, especially the Chrysler brand. Fortunately, we can thank Gransedan for submitting this tip,… more»

43k Original Miles: 1974 Chrysler Newport Custom

The owner of this 1974 Chrysler Newport Custom purchased the car from its original owner in 2018. His intention was to continue the tradition of long-term ownership. However, a change in circumstances means that he must now part with… more»

Spotlessly Clean: 1950 Chrysler Windsor Newport

If you parked this green 1950 Chrysler Windsor Newport in your driveway, it would probably be enough to turn your neighbors green with envy. It is a beautifully presented car that I think most classic car enthusiasts would like… more»

One Owner Classic: 1963 Chrysler Newport

This 1963 Chrysler Newport is a one-owner vehicle that has been parked for the past 25-years. It appears to be a fairly solid and clean car, but after so many years of inactivity, it will need to be revived… more»

Classic Giant: 1974 Chrysler Newport 2-Door Coupe

For a car that is 45-years-old, this 1974 Chrysler Newport presents extremely well. The owner refers to it as a show car, and while it may not be showroom fresh, it seems to present well enough to justify being… more»

Newport Pleasure: 1966 Chrysler Survivor

A true survivor, no two ways about it, This 1966 Chrysler Newport has just 60,000 original miles, just recently saw the light of day after 38 years in hiding, and is purportedly ready to drive to its new home… more»

1 Of 175: 1968 Chrysler Newport Convertible Sportsgrain

This 1968 Chrysler Newport Convertible is going to require a complete restoration, but it is fitted with the unusual Sportsgrain option, so it is certainly a car worth considering. If this is a car that interests you, then you… more»

21,000 Genuine Miles: 1974 Chrysler Newport

Not only has this 1974 Chrysler Newport 4-Door Sedan only covered a documented 21,000 original miles, but it comes complete with a ’74 Sales Brochure, 3 Factory Build Sheets, and the Assembly Line Checklist. You will find the Newport… more»