Nicest One Left? 39k-Mile 1968 Chrysler Newport

During the 1960s, the Newport was Chrysler’s entry-level product but it was far from modest in its features. The interiors were quite comfortable and a 383 cubic inch V8 (2-barrel) was standard equipment for plenty of power. This seller… more»

Same Owner Since ’67: 1962 Chrysler Newport Hardtop

Many people seeking a classic to park in their garage view a long-term ownership history favorably. This 1962 Chrysler Newport Hardtop ticks that box, with the seller confirming that the previous owner became its custodian in 1967. The seller… more»

60k Mile 1968 Chrysler Newport Convertible

Some classic cars seem to defy logic. Take this 1967 Chrysler Newport Convertible as a prime example. It is a big and heavy classic, but its mechanical specifications allow it to deliver surprising performance. It is a tidy survivor… more»

10,299 Mile Time Capsule: 1978 Chrysler Newport Coupe

Through both mismanagement and misreading the marketplace, Chrysler found itself on the ropes in the late seventies.  While the public was looking for vehicles that were more fuel efficient due to turmoil in the Middle East and at the… more»

Shrouded in Black! 1964 Chrysler Newport

If the Men In Black movie franchise had been set in the 1960s, cars like this 1964 Chrysler Newport could have been the agents’ drivers of choice. With its black paint, dog dish hub caps, and unassuming appearance, the… more»

Affordable Power: 1968 Chrysler Newport 383

UPDATE 05/30/3023: We’ve recently seen a few owners who have struck out when attempting to sell their treasured classic, and the owner of this 1968 Chrysler Newport is another who is taking a second shot at finding it a… more»

75k Mile Droptop: 1967 Chrysler Newport Convertible

Chrysler began using the name Newport back in the early forties, which stuck around in some form or another all the way up until the first part of the eighties and was typically associated with lower-cost offerings.  But in… more»

Low-Mile Big Block: 1978 Chrysler Newport 440

It’s no secret that Chrysler Corporation was in financial hot water in the 1970s. And it didn’t help that they were still building huge cars whose demand had slipped after the OPEC oil embargo of 1973. But the end… more»

Hemi Equipped: 1956 Chrysler New Yorker Newport

The ’56 model New Yorker Newport is one of those body styles the design team at Chrysler seemed to get just right, in my humble opinion.  Finned in the back, yet a tasteful amount and not too excessive, with… more»

Dry Climate Patina: 1964 Chrysler Newport

As someone who has spent his life in two states that measure their annual yearly rainfall in fathoms, I am always fascinated with cars from arid regions.  While we deal with rust holes that a Peterbilt can do a… more»

Big Block Wagon: 1962 Chrysler Newport

Chrysler anointed the Newport as a separate model in 1960, after using the name since the 1940s in one way, shape, or form. The full-sized Newport was offered as a replacement for DeSoto and aimed at the economy-minded buyer…. more»

1 of 175: 1968 Chrysler Newport Sportsgrain Convertible

Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote a famous poem about Spring being the season of love. Spring was also the time of year when automakers would introduce limited special-edition models to hopefully jazz up the sales force and increase foot traffic… more»

Swanky Wagon: 1964 Chrysler Newport Town and Country

This is Round Two for this spectacular wagon in Barn Finds. We covered it in 2018. Now it’s looking for a new home again. Here on craigslist is a 1964 Chrysler Newport Town & Country wagon, at an asking… more»

Drop-Top Cruiser: 1970 Chrysler Newport

The Newport was Chrysler’s volume car in the 1960s and 1970s, with creature comforts on par with the Buick LaSabre or Mercury Monterrey.  The 1970 Newport convertible was the last drop-top for the model and one of the last… more»

Must-Sell Barn Find: 1967 Chrysler Newport Convertible

There is a car for every season, and summer is the season for convertibles. As the snow thaws and the weather warms, one might have just enough time to get this 1967 Chrysler Newport running and ready before peak… more»

1 of 1,124: 1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible

Chrysler sold more than 260,000 cars in 1970, but not many of them were drop-tops. The entry-level full-size car, the Newport, only accounted for 1,124 convertibles – and only a small percentage likely survive today. This one has been… more»

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