Mean Green Racer? 1972 Datsun 510

The Datsun 510 was the U.S. designation for the Datsun (aka Nissan) Bluebird that found its way to the U.S. shores in 1968. It was a subcompact sedan (also wagon) that was fielded through 1973. It did have success… more»

40 Years Out Back: Pair of Vintage Project Cars

For reasons unknown, this 1965 Ford Mustang and 1972 Datsun 240Z were parked in Mom’s backyard in the early 1980s – and left there to the elements. They haven’t run since, and both will need substantial work to perform… more»

Low VIN: 1970 Datsun 240Z

The Datsun 240Z (and later 260Z and 280Z) was Nissan’s Japanese answer to those economical European sports cars. And they turned out to be more reliable than some of their British competitors. The 240Z first appeared in 1969 and… more»

Tiny Utility Van! 1989 Nissan S-Cargo

The S-Cargo was a small utility van with retro styling that was built by Nissan in Japan between 1989 and 1991. It was designed for the home market and only about 8,000 of them were produced across three model… more»

Fairlady Export: 1964 Datsun Sports (aka 1500)

Nissan built a series of roadsters in the 1960s that would be called the Fairlady, although in export markets like the U.S., it would be called “Sports” or 1500 as a call-out to its engine size. They were designed… more»

48k Mile Survivor: 1980 Datsun 210

Known as the Nissan Sunny on its home turf, this variant of Japanese import was marketed in the U.S. as the Datsun 210 from 1979-82. It was the entry-level econobox sold by Nissan in those days and was similar… more»

Nicest One Left? 1985 Nissan 200SX

Until the mid-1980s, Nissan-built cars were sold in the U.S. as Datsuns. That changed in 1986 when the company decided to use its Japanese brand on North American shores. That meant that cars sold in the U.S. as the… more»

Mellow Yellow: 1977 Datsun King Cab 4×4 Pickup

Vintage Japanese pickups have been on a tear as of late, with old-school Toyotas in particular leading the charge into higher pricing tiers for what used to be a reliable beater. The Datsun 720 series was its foremost competitor… more»

Buddhist Hearse: 1995 Nissan Cima

The business of importing “forbidden fruit” Japanese market vehicles has been around for a while now; it’s practically old hat in some parts of the country after being a very exclusive club for a number of years. One would… more»

Fit For A… Prime Minister? 1982 Nissan President

One of the primary drivers for my subject car selection process is the frequency of write-ups. In the past dozen or so years, I can only find 2 Barn Finds write-ups on a Nissan President. I can’t say if… more»

Package Deal: Trio of 1970s Z Cars

Nissan followed up with the successful Datsun Fairlady roadster (or Sports in the USA) with the Fairlady Z, a small enclosed coupe that won the hearts of Western buyers. Better known in the States as the 240Z, 260Z, and… more»

BF Auction: 1989 Nissan S-Cargo

UPDATE – Shortly after we launched the auction for this S-Cargo, the Vancouver area was buried by a snowstorm that left the seller snowed in for the duration of the auction. There were requests for additional photos, but since… more»

BF Exclusive: Georgia Barn Find Collection

This listing is one near and dear to my heart – because it’s mine! Thanks to a reader who flagged my significantly updated listing where you can now visit an expansive gallery of photos on my company’s website from… more»

Bone Stock Z32: 1993 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

The Z32-chassis Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo is one of the more iconic Japanese sports cars to emerge from the early 19990s but it’s still difficult to this day to pick a winner from that bumper crop of high-end coupes…. more»

Unmodified 1997 Nissan 240SX LE

Around 2005 I purchased an abused but unmodified Nissan 240SX. Its suspension was done for and the interior smelled like an ashtray, but it was an absolute blast of a car to drive, well at least once I had… more»

JDM Hot Hatch: 1991 Nissan Pulsar GTIR

For those of us of a certain age, the video game Gran Turismo was an extremely influential part of our adolescent years. It was when the first generation of Sony’s Playstation came out, and for a car nerd, it… more»