Only Two Owners: 1983 Datsun 280ZX

The 280ZX was an evolution of the 280Z which began as the 240Z in 1970. The popular Japanese sports car gave the imports from Europe a run for their money, and the automobile would help position Nissan as a… more»

Two-Owner Garage Find: 1976 Datsun 280Z

There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had in bringing a car that was destined for the scrap yard back to life, but there is certainly something to be said for a beautifully preserved classic that needs… more»

RV Conversion: 1979 Datsun 620

The Datsun 620 was a line of Nissan trucks built in Japan between 1972-79. Earlier models brought into the U.S. were sometimes known as 1600 (as a shout-out to the engine size). But a 1952 cc engine would be… more»

All Factory Options: 1986 Nissan 720 ST Pickup

One of the coolest survivor finds is a vehicle that retains all of its desirable factory options. While we tend to know what these vehicles look like when talking about domestic pickups like the Dodge Dakota or Ford Ranger,… more»

Barn Find 4×4: 1966 Nissan Patrol

One of the smartest vintage vehicles to buy – in my opinion – is an old-school SUV, especially one with a short wheelbase and removable top. The Brocno and K5 Blazer certainly deserve a seat at this table, but… more»

Rare Sportback: 1989 Nissan Pulsar NX

From the “Good Ideas that Never Took Off” department: the Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak, a clever coupe with a removable hardtop over the rear-most section. The Pulsar has emerged as a sort of 80s icon, a symbol of the… more»

Rare Off-Roader: 1979 Nissan Patrol

As the seller rightly points out, if you were an American buyer in 1979 who had their heart set on owning a new Nissan Patrol, you were out of luck. The model was only sold in the US between… more»

Solid Little Truck: 1986 Nissan 720

Nissan has long been in the pickup truck business, dating back to 1955. That’s when the predecessor to the 720 series of trucks was introduced and those later models continued in production through 1997 (to be replaced by the… more»

Hurricane Sandy Victim: 1988 Nissan 300ZX

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating effect on shoreline communities, and it also did a number on cars and trucks that were left in her path. The collector car community got whacked pretty significantly as well, as some owners didn’t… more»

RHD Rarity: 1978 Nissan Silvia S10

Here’s a find that gets points for uniqueness, at least on U.S. shores (and on Barn Finds), it’s a 1978 Nissan Silvia S10 with right hand drive. I know the name but not the car, so let’s take a… more»

Patina’d Survivor: 1985 Nissan 720 4×4

When it comes to old Japanese trucks, you best buy what you want now as it seems new collectors are catching onto these workhorses as being nifty weekend rigs that you can actually use. Of course, they’re not lighting… more»

Fresh from the Field: 1969 Nissan Patrol

Post-WWII, everyone wanted in on the success and notoriety of the Willys Jeep. Toyota had their Land Cruiser, England had the Land Rover…Mitsubishi and Mahindra even licensed the actual Willys design and bits of tooling. Today we have Nissan’s… more»

One Year Wonder: 1991 Nissan Figaro

The Nissan Figaro was a fixed-profile, right-hand-drive small convertible that was built for the home market for a single season, 1991. Exterior colors were limited to one for each of the four climate seasons: Topaz Mist (Autumn), Emerald Green… more»

Could You Save This 1968 Datsun Sports 1600?

The Datsun Sports 1600 (aka Fairlady) was a series of little roadsters built by Nissan in the 1960s. It was the forerunner to the very successful Z-cars of the 1970s. It was produced over two generations from 1959-70, but… more»

California Edition? 1981 Datsun 280ZX

The Z car is recognized all over the world, and despite low-ish values for the later cars, there’s a dedicated following for seemingly every generation. This 1981 Datsun 280ZX appears to have been found in a desolate workshop, with… more»

Desert Runner: 1988 Nissan D21 4×4

More than just a graphics package and some bolt-on accessories, this 1988 Nissan Desert Runner – based on the D21 Hardbody pickup – was the real deal, at least by 1988 standards. The seller has this rare 4×4 pickup… more»