Sitting For Years: 1970 Opel GT 4-Speed

It’s hard to not know what the seller really wants to get for this 1970 Opel GT, but as of now it’s listed here on eBay and the current bid price is $5,000. It’s located in York, Pennsylvania.

V8 Swap? Cheap 1970 Opel Kadett Wagon

We all sit too much, there’s no question about it. They say that sitting is the new smoking, as in that’s what’ll cause a lot of our collective health problems over the next few decades. I do sit a… more»

European Model? 1969 Opel GT 1.1L

It’s fun to see such a nice example of a 1969 Opel GT as this one. For any small car to have rear-wheel-drive is a treat for me since almost every vehicle is front-wheel-drive or AWD now. Small cars… more»

Cheap And Unique: 1967 Opel Kadett Coupe

When the Kadett B was launched by Opel in 1965, it was met with enthusiasm by the motoring public. For the first time, a German manufacturer had produced an affordable small car that was capable of challenging the dominance… more»

Solid Project: 1964 Opel Kadett Sports Coupe

The Opel Kadett is one of those cars that could so easily have slipped from public consciousness if it hadn’t been for Top Gear UK. In the show’s 2007 Botswana Special, presenter Richard Hammond chose a 1963 Kadett 2-Door… more»

$500 Euro Hatch: 1976 Opel Kadett

It’s a bit dizzying to learn about the multiple nameplates this 1976 Opel Kadett was sold under during its production run. Built by Isuzu and sold as the Gemini in other markets, the Kadett model sold in the U.S…. more»

One Owner Since New: 1971 Opel GT

It’s not often we see a one-owner Opel GT pop up for sale, but that’s exactly what’s listed on eBay. The Opel has been in barn storage since 1986 and accumulated some rust and dents in that time, but… more»

Engine Swap Candidate: 1975 Opel Manta

This 1975 Opel Manta appears to represent a good foundation for a project, with a clean body, nice interior, and empty engine bay. These were originally sold through Buick dealers after being imported from Europe, and they still seem… more»

1970-72 Opel GT Package Deal

Imagine my disappointment: my dad and my grandmother both had Opel GTs—my dad’s was blue and my grandmother’s butterscotch, examples of each of which appear in the lineup of five GTs above! And of the five…those are the two… more»

Low Mileage 1973 Opel Manta

This 1973 Opel Manta has reportedly only traveled a genuine 31,000 miles. It is a clean looking car, but it will require some work to make it immaculate. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located… more»

Spares Included: 1967 Opel Kadette

Years of regulations, emission and safety standards, tariffs and taxes literally drove automakers from exporting product to America. With Opel not being a part of General Motors anymore… it’s hard to believe they were once sold in America at… more»

LeMons, Ho! $500 1974 Opel Manta

One of the more delightful developments in the car world over the last few years is that these days, when we see a car with an asking price of $500 or less, the first question many of us ask… more»

Baby Corvette: 1972 Opel GT Shed Find

At first glance the Opel GT looks like the offspring of a C3 Corvette. From some similar styling cues to half the number of cylinders these do resemble a baby Corvette. One way that these cars are not similar,… more»

Brooke Astor Owned: 1973 Opel Manta

While the rest of the world gets excited about the British Royal Family, we here in the states tend to idolize captains of industry, or at least those folks who have seemingly been wealthiest the longest. The Astor family,… more»

Mini Muscle Barn Find: 1972 Opel Manta Rallye

Made by German company Opel and brought to the United States with General Motors in the ’70s, these cars are hard to come by these days.  This car was stored away for 25 years by the original owner and has… more»

Poorman’s Corvette: 1970 Opel GT

I have always loved the Opel GT. They have a small tight set up and they are incredibly balanced with the engine pushed as far back as possible. Walking around a German car show last weekend, I was drawn… more»