Ultra-Rare 1971 OTAS Lombardi 820 Grand Prix

Update 1/14/23 – This one has been relisted with a $4,000 price drop! Find it here on eBay for $9,500. From 12/22/22 – There are rare cars and then there are ultra-rare cars. This is one of the latter…. more»

My Secret Dream Car: 1972 OTAS Grand Prix

From the first time I drove a Fiat, I have been a fan of Italian company and all the oddball cars they have built over the years. I have since had the pleasure of driving a number of different… more»

Abarth Potential: 1965 O.T.A.S. Torino

Here’s one we have never seen before. It is an 1965 O.T.A.S. Torino 820 and don’t feel bad if you mistook it for an Abarth Scorpione. They were both based off the Lombardi Grand Prix car, but with their… more»