Better than a Prowler: 1997 Panoz AIV Roadster

The Panoz AIV roadster is one of those modern-day American sports cars that I always forget exists despite the fact it did a much better job at being a Plymouth Prowler than the Prowler ever did. Sure, it didn’t… more»

Rare V8-Powered 1993 Panoz Roadster

The seller says, “This 1993 Panoz Roadster is one of about 44 built”. You may read that as one of 44 built-in 1993, but you’d be wrong—only 44 total were made between 1992 and 1999, and this very nice emerald… more»

Nancy Panoz’s Personal Car: 1993 Panoz Roadster

Here’s a car I almost forgot existed: the 1993 Panoz Roadster. In some ways, these odd looking roadsters were the American interpretation of the widely used formula of a loose Lotus 7 replica that mainly served as a means… more»

1 Of 44 Made! 1993 Panoz Roadster

Have you ever wondered where Chrysler engineers got their design inspiration for the Plymouth Prowler? I can’t find any proof that it came from the Panoz Roadster, but it seems odd that both open-wheel designed cars not only look… more»

7,000 Mile 2001 Panoz Esperante!

Sports car fans know Panoz as an American sports and racing car manufacturer. Each Panoz model comes with the expectation of enthusiastic driving, and this 2001 Panoz Esperante in New Hartford, New York deserves nothing less. With fewer than… more»