1 Of 150: 1956 Powell Sport Wagon

The Powell Sport Wagon was the brainchild of two brothers named Powell. They planned to use recycled Plymouth parts to build a run of pickups and station wagons (under the same model name) in the mid-1950s. Some consider the… more»

Rare Station Wagon: 1956 Powell Sport Wagon

UPDATE – We showed this rare Powell Sport Wagon last December and the seller is listing it again, here on craigslist, with a slightly lower asking price of $26,000 or best offer. It’s a very rare and interesting vehicle… more»

1 Of 11 Left? 1956 Powell Station Wagon

Here’s one you don’t see very often. Or maybe never. Because only about 150 of the Powell station wagons were ever built. The Powell brothers had an interesting business model – using junkyards as a source of parts to… more»

Sport Wagon: Rare 1955 Powell Pickup

Just to get it out of the way first, Powell referred to both their pickup and station wagon as “Sport Wagon“. They are about as unique and rare as it gets and they seldom come onto the market, at… more»

Ahead Of Its Time: 1957 Powell Pickup

This 1957 Powell Pickup rates as one of the coolest pickups that I’ve ever seen. The owner provides plenty of photos and information about the vehicle, and it seems that it is also quite a rare beast. The Powell… more»

1 of 1,200: 1956 Powell Deluxe Sport Wagon

If a person likes unusual and interesting vehicles but they also need a pickup, it doesn’t get much better than this 1956 Powell Deluxe Sport Wagon. Even being a lifelong car fanatic I have never seen one in person… more»

Two Birds: 1956 Powell Sport Wagon and Powell Scooter

A bit of an oddball, this rare and obscure Powel Sport Wagon is a low production truck that was built by the famous scooter company, who first made radios. Powell Manufacturing Company was recognized for their scooters, but grew to… more»

Another Powell Sport Wagon

Rare and unusually doesn’t always equate to valuable, but it almost always equals fun and interesting! Listed here on eBay and parked in Fallbrook, California is this rare and odd 1955 Powell Sport Wagon with the high bid of… more»

Rare 1956 Powell Pickup

This 1956 Powell is one of approximately 1,200 units built in Compton, California. These pickups were assembled starting in 1954 on a stripped/rebuilt 1940 or ’41 Ply­mouth sedan chassis with an inline 201 cubic inch six-cylinder. Some models used Plymouth… more»

Ultimate Fishing Rig: 1956 Powell Sport Wagon

Every once in a while, one of our readers sends in something we have never seen before. We love it when that happens because we get to do some research and learn something new. Well, today Mark H tipped… more»