Power Ram

Nice One Left? 1993 Dodge Power Ram Turbo

The 1993 Power Ram LE W250 may be the godfather of all Dodge pickups. The Ram Series was created in 1981 and the first generation carried through until 1993. The LE was the most luxurious of the pickups and… more»

No Reserve: 1988 Dodge Power Ram 4×4

While a classic 4×4 is a wonderful vehicle designed to take its occupants deep into the wilderness, such an existence can take a heavy toll on panels and paint. They can begin to become frayed around the edges, especially… more»

1989 Dodge Power Ram W350 With 171 Genuine Miles!

By 1989, Dodge’s D/W truck range was showing its age. After all, it could trace its roots back to the 1970s. A boost was needed, so the decision was made to add a diesel engine to the range. This… more»

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